Wow, what an exciting start to the first ISGL Youth Group Summer program! Today the youth convened at the Purdue University Recreational Sports Center (RSC) for an intense, eleven-game, hour-long dodgeball match. In case you are not familiar with the game of dodgeball, there are multiple versions to how one can conduct a dodgeball match.

Typically, participants are divided into teams (of two in our game); each team is given a zone (half the indoor wallyball court for our game) which they can scramble. Light, fluffy, yet aerodynamic balls (called dodgeballs) are placed at the center of the court, evenly-spaced between the competing teams.  Once the official of the match (Haroon or Salah in our game) blows his/her whistle, individuals from each competing team quickly converge toward the dodgeballs. The object of the game is to knock-out all members of the opposing team. A person is knocked-out of a game when one of the following occurs:

  • One gets hit by a dodgeball (below the shoulders; no head-shots allowed) before the ball makes contact with another object (floor, wall, another dodgeball, another person)
  • You throw a ball that is caught by a member of the opposing team before the ball hits another object (i.e. floor, wall, another dodgeball, another person)

On your mark, get set, GO!

Once a person is knocked-out of the game, they move to a designated “non-contact” area of the court. Any player in the “non-contact” area may not be hit with a dodgeball until the current game is completed. Once the current game ends, new teams are formed, and the new game begins!

Tasawwar on the attack

Congratulations to Murtaza for earning the MVP (Most Valuable Player) Award for today! Murtaza was an integral part of his team winning 8 out of the 11 dodgeball games.

After we completed the dodgeball games, the youth returned back to the Islamic Society of Greater Lafayette (ISGL) for a short talk on the great companion, Khalid bin Waleed, radi Allahu anhu.