Did you know: A well-fed dairy cow can produce on average 22,500 pounds of milk (equivalent to 300,000 cups) every year. Ummmm…milk…does the body good!

We took a trip today north on Interstate 65 towards Winamac, IN. Our destination for the day – Fair Oaks Farms (Exit 220 along I-65). Only one member of the youth group had visited Fair Oaks before; thus there was great excitement as to what  activities were in store for us. After taking a forty-minute jaunt up the highway, the youth were happy to get out of the van and stretch their legs.

Fair Oaks is an interesting place with several fun and educational activities to pursue:

  • Bus tour of one of the ten farms owned and operated by Fair Oaks. During the bus tour, our youth had the opportunity to watch dairy cows in action (being milked by a mechanical turntable).
  • Birthing barn – observe a dairy cow giving birth to a calf
  • Mooville – a fun outdoor area where individuals can climb a rock wall (actually a giant twenty-five foot milk bottle with four levels of climbing difficulty), jump on a giant air pillow (trampoline), and ride mini-tractors.
  • 4D video – dawn a pair of 3D glasses and learn how milk is produced by a dairy cow and then transported to your local supermarket. As you view the video, beware of the shaking seats and water sprinkled on your face (enhancing the overall experience of watching the video)!
  • Cheese Plant and Cafe – stop by the cafe on your way home and buy a cone of homemade ice cream (fresh from the farm) or fresh cheese.

Enjoy the pictures below capturing what ended up being a really fun day at Fair Oaks Farms:

Bus tour at Fair Oaks Farms

Cows being milked along the mechanical turntable

Getting ready for the "4D" Movie. Gotta love the glasses.

Jumping on the air pillow (trampoline)

Tasawwar and Samir competing on the 25-foot climbing wall

Special thanks to the Sankari and Farooq families for help with transportation and to Br. Samir for his help with the youth!