The youth met at the masjid for Asr prayer today. After the prayer was over, we walked to the RSC to play wallyball for an hour. Wallyball is an interesting game – a merge between volleyball and handball it would appear. The game of wallyball is played indoors, uses a net (similar to volleyball), and a bouncy ball (slightly smaller than a regular volleyball). The game is played between two teams; each team consists of 3-5 individuals. For today’s activity, each match was played to 15 points. Points can only be scored on offense (i.e. the team serving the wallyball).

Due to the fact that the game is played indoors, there are a number of ways by which a point ends:

  • Ace (serve the ball and the opposing team fails to send the ball back to your court)
  • Team touches the ball more than three times on one possession before sending the ball across the net to the opposing team
  • Ball hits the back wall of the opposing team
  • Ball touches two different walls (i.e. ball hits the left wall, right wall, then falls to ground)

The cool thing about the game of wallyball is that you can use the walls. This allows for quick changes in ball direction and speed, adding an exciting element not found in volleyball.

We were able to play 7 games before time ran out. Mohaned earned MVP honors for his performance in leading his team to victory in 6 games.

Jazakum Allahu Khairan to Abu Mohaned and Abu Mujtaba for joining us for today’s activity!