Today the sky was overcast and rain looked imminent; however, as 6:00 PM rolled around (with no rain falling), the youth converged on Salah’s house (or homes to be accurate) for our youth group event. Salah and his brother Ibrahim were kind enough to give a  tour of an old two-story house they were working to re-model. The youth had the opportunity to learn about the stages in which a house is built (starting with the foundation) along with tools used in construction (i.e. saw zaw, circular saw, power drill, nail gun, palm nailer).

Using the concepts(foundation, beam, joist, studs) discussed by Salah during the tour of the house being re-modeled, the youth worked to construct a mini-model home.  The process began with a drawing by the youth of the type of house they wanted to construct:

Rough sketch of mini-model home

After receiving approval from Salah, the youth began construction of the mini-model home.

Building under construction

Unfortunately rain started to fall outside, forcing the workshop to continue indoors. As Maghrib prayer approached, the youth came to the conclusion that we were not going to be able to complete the mini-model home today. As we began wrapping up for the day, the youth took a moment to capture a great ending photo of the activity:

Parting shot of today's activity