Soccer (or futbol if you prefer) is perhaps the world’s most popular sport. Nearly 13 million people tuned in this year just to watch the U.S. men’s soccer team earn a 1:1 draw versus England. All the sport really requires is a ball and something to make goal posts (shoes, cones, sticks, bags). Not surprisingly, soccer is also the favorite activity of our youth in West Lafayette. Due to the fact that our youth, to this point, have done a phenomenal job with the Summer 2010 program, we decided to let the youth choose their activity for today. Not surprisingly, the youth voted to play soccer.

After Asr prayer at the ISGL, we walked to the grassy area next to the tennis courts (across from the RSC). The youth quickly divided into teams and began working to score goals. We used the same rules as indoor soccer (games were decided by the first team to score two goals) with one twist. Any game which ended in a tie after ten minutes (assuming no team scored two goals by then) led to a penalty shootout.

We were fortunate to play 5 matches before rain started to fall. There were several terrific individual performances. Hasan earned co-MVP honors with Mohaned. Hasan was part of all 5 winning teams scoring 1 goal. Mohaned was part of 4 winning teams scoring the winning goal in the fifth match. Mohaned also stopped all five penalty kicks from the opposing team preserving victory twice.