Ah, the final event of the Summer 2010 Program (not including the Awards Ceremony). This program has been a truly enjoyable experience, especially the opportunity to work with our youth. The final event in the program was an itikha’f program at the ISGL. Itikha’f is an opportunity for one to secure himself/herself in the confines of the masjid to perform acts of worship (reading Qur’an, tahajjud prayer, dhikr, making du’aa).

Activities we were able to conduct with the youth in our itikha’f program included:

  • A few of the youth prepared and delivered short reminders (khatarah) on different topics (etiquettes, importance of Ramadan, acts to perform in the month of Ramadan)

Abdel Rahman delivering a khatarah

  • Youth broke up and began reading Qur’an (or reviewing what they had memorized)

Youth reading Qur'an in the main prayer hall

  • We prayed tahajjud together with each brother leading 2 rak’ah of prayer

Youth praying tahajjud

  • World hunger activity – Salah gave a short talk on the food situation of different communities around the world. It was shocking to learn that several countries around the world survive on less than $2/day. After the discussion, we wrote the names of different countries covered in the discussion on the back of paper plates. Youth came and randomly selected a plate. Based on the plate chosen, each youth received a different quantity of pizza (from 1/2 a slice all the way to 6 slices) and drink (no drink, water, or soda). All of the youth who received a large quantity of pizza and multiple sodas ended up sharing their food with those youth who received less. The idea was to demonstrate to the youth the importance of thanking Allah, azza wa jal, for our blessings and to instill the idea of giving to those less fortunate. Alhamdulillah, the youth seemed to grasp the message.

Tasawwar and Hasan enjoying pizza and pop

  • Quick game of indoor soccer
  • Sleep (at least for the volunteers; the youth were too energized)

After praying Fajr prayer the on Sunday morning, the young brothers headed home for a nice (long) nap.