After a month break to re-evaluate the Fall program, we re-started the program with a friendly set of dodgeball games. Dodgeball is one of those games which everyone can enjoy; it requires little in the way of skill. For those of you who may not familiar with the game of dodgeball, the rules are pretty simple.

Typically, participants are divided into teams (of two in our game); each team is given a zone (half the indoor wallyball court for our game) which they can run around. Small aerodynamic balls (called dodgeballs) are placed at the center of the court, evenly-spaced between the competing teams.  Once the official of the match (Haroon or Salah in our game) blows his/her whistle, individuals from each competing team quickly converge toward the dodgeballs. The object of the game is to knock-out all members of the opposing team. A person is knocked-out of a game when one of the following occurs:

  • One gets hit by a dodgeball (below the shoulders; no head-shots allowed) before the ball makes contact with another object (floor, wall, another dodgeball, another person)
  • You throw a ball that is caught by a member of the opposing team before the ball hits another object (i.e. floor, wall, another dodgeball, another person)

Everyone scrambling for dodgeballs.

Once a person is knocked-out of the game, they move to a designated “non-contact” area of the court. Any player in the “non-contact” area may not be hit with a dodgeball until the current game is completed. Once the current game ends, new teams are formed, and the new game begins!

We tried different versions of the game of dodgeball today to keep the games entertaining. One version we used was called Medic. Medic uses the exact same rules as dodgeball, with one additional rule. Each team chooses one individual on their team to serve as the medic. When a person on your team is hit with a dodgeball, that team member sits down where they were hit (instead of going to the “non-contact” area). The medic then has to run and touch the player that has been hit. Once touched by the medic, the individual can resume playing. The key to winning the game of Medic is to hit the medic with a dodgeball.