We are really blessed alhamdulillah to have our local masjid (the Islamic Society of Greater Lafayette) on the campus of Purdue University.

Islamic Society of Greater Lafayette

The convenient location allows students and staff working at Purdue University the opportunity to pray the five daily prayers at the masjid. Due to the high volume of traffic entering the ISGL, it is critical to make sure the facility is clean for everyone to use. To help pitch in and assist in keeping the ISGL a clean facility, the youth worked together today to clean and re-organize two of the prayer halls. The youth split up into two teams. One team was tasked with vacuuming the carpet and clean/re-organizing the book shelves in the small prayer hall. The second team of youth worked to vacuum and clean/re-organize the book shelves in the main prayer hall.

We ask Allah, subhanahu wa ta’ala, to reward the young brothers for their efforts in cleaning the masjid.