The youth returned to the Purdue RSC today for a much-anticipated indoor soccer event. The format for today’s soccer matches was as follows:

  • Two team captains were selected
  • Youth were selected by each captain to be a part of either team 1 or team 2
  • Each game was set to 10 minutes (or the first team to score two goals)
  • Captains determined which position each teammate played

Indoor soccer at the RSC.

After 4 soccer matches, we played one round of World Cup soccer. World Cup soccer is played as follows (thanks to Yacoob for breaking down the rules):

  • Everyone divides up into teams of 2 people (we had 6 teams of two people).
  • One person (to start it was Haroon) serves as the goalkeeper for round one.
  • The goalkeeper tosses the soccer ball in a random direction and all teams scramble to gain possession of the ball.
  • Each team must work to score a goal on the goalkeeper while avoiding losing the ball in traffic (as other teams try to steal the ball).
  • After a team scores a goal, that team’s members sit out (advance to the next round).
  • The goalkeeper tosses the ball again and the remaining teams scramble to score.
  • The team which fails to score a goal in round one is knocked out of the World Cup game.
  • One member of the team which failed to score a goal becomes the new goalkeeper.
  • The remaining teams again compete to score a goal as round two begins.
  • The team which fails to score a goal is knocked out of the game.
  • The game continues, round after round, until one team emerges victorious after the final round (in which the last two teams compete against one another).

The game is very similar to Knockout in basketball. Each team tries to knock the other teams out of the game by scoring a goal first.

After playing soccer for an hour, we walked back to the masjid for Dhuhr prayer.