Alhamdulillah tonight was the final event to the Fall 2010 semester’s set of youth group activities. We met at the ISGL for Isha prayer. After the prayer was finished we gathered all the youth together in the multipurpose room. Tasawwar, Yacoob, and Sharief helped lead a review of the past semester’s activities. We talked about each brother’s favorite activity (no surprise, it was soccer), least favorite activity, and improvements we can make for the future.

For some reason, cheese pizza is a favorite dish for the majority of youth.

After the discussion was over, wen enjoyed pizza, pop, and ice cream. This concludes our Fall 2010 program. In shaa Allah, Salah and Haroon will be working over the next few weeks to put together a program for the youth for Spring 2011. Enjoy winter vacation and stay safe from the cold!