Assalamu-alaikum everyone,

Well, the movie “Toy Story” ended up being more funny than expected. In the end Buzz Lightyear (the hotshot new toy) and Woody (the trusty, old cowboy) were able to put aside their personal jealousy towards one another and work together. Who doesn’t enjoy a good, happy ending to a story?

Now onto this week’s festivities. We request youth to meet at the ISGL by 6:40 PM (iqama for Maghrib prayer) on Friday. We’ll be heading to the RSC as soon as Maghrib prayer is completed.

This Friday, we will in shaa Allah be enjoying an exhilarating game of “Capture the Flag.” The object of the game is simple: run to the opposing team’s zone, grab the flag, and run back to your team’s zone before getting tagged out. Sounds simple enough, right?

Below is a layout of how the game works:


  • Youth will be divided into 2 evenly-numbered teams


  • Each team will have a designated home base (or zone)
  • For our game, the zone will be half of a regulation-sized basketball court (baseline to the half-court line equals one home base)
  • The “offensive zone” refers to the area where your team must go to capture the opposing team’s flag
  • The “defensive zone” = your team’s home base


  • This is a designated area in each team’s home base (or “defensive zone”) where opposing team members go if tagged when trying to capture the flag (or save one of their teamamtes in jail)
  • Each team can designate no more than one member to guard their jail. All other team members must be making an attempt to capture the opposing team’s flag 


  • The flag is usually a small, portable object (i.e. a ball, small flag, piece of cloth, etc.)
  • For our game, the flag will be either a small ball or a piece of cloth
  • Each team can designate no more than one member to guard the area around their flag. All other team members must be making an attempt to capture the opposing team’s flag (or getting their team member’s out of jail)


  • If you pick up the opposing team’s flag, you can throw the flag to a member of your team (to ensure the flag gets across the half-court line before yo get tagged out)
  • While in the “offensive zone,” if a member from the opposing team tags you, you go the designated “jail” area
  • If a member of your team makes it to the opposing team’s jail and touches you (before getting tagged out by the other team), you get out of jail
  • If a member of your team makes a half-court shot (basketball goes through the basket) all members of your team in jail are freed
  • If you are freed from jail, you must return back to your home base before attempting to capture the other team’s flag
  • Each game will end after 1.) the first team to capture the opposing team’s flag 2 times OR 2.) 20 minutes has elapsed
  • New teams will be selected and a new game will start

After the game, we’ll return back to the ISGL for Isha prayer which will be followed by a short discussion on the topic of “Dealing with Anger.” Once again, to re-cap the details:

What: Capture the Flag

When: Friday, February 18, 2011

Time: 6:40 (Maghrib prayer) – 9:30 PM

Where: ISGL (for prayer and discussion topic), Purdue RSC (for the game)

Discussion Topic: Dealing with Anger

I hope to see all of our youth on Friday night!