Assalamu-alaikum everyone,

It has been a LOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNGGGGG time since our last youth group activity (almost one month). We hope the youth have enjoyed a relaxing and productive Spring Break vacation during March. In shaa Allah our next youth group activity will be this Friday, April 8. The youth will enjoy the phenomenally entertaining, heart-pounding (not really), mind-blowing activity affectionately known as: BOWLING!

Bowling ball colliding with 10 pins.

Bowling is a fun Friday night activity to do with friends and family alike. The game is quite simple to play and does not require much skill. A typical game can be played individually or in teams of 2-4 people. The game involves a bowling ball (typically weighs 5-15 pounds), a 60-foot angled wooden lane, and 10 white pins. Pretty simple right? The object of the game is to gently glide the bowling ball down the lane and knock down as many of the ten white pins as one can. Each player has two shots to knock down all ten pins in a single round, called a “frame.”  There are 10 frames in a single game. Each player earns a specified number of points depending on the total number of pins knocked down during each frame. The maximum point total one can obtain in a complete 10-frame bowling game is 300.

For the youth group activity on Friday, in shaa Allah the youth will have fun competing against one another in teams of 3-4 people. We’ll decide on teams once we arrive at the Purdue Memorial Union bowling alley. Each participant needs to bring $2.45 for rental of bowling shoes. All other expenses will be covered.

Once the bowling activity is completed, we will return back to the masjid for Maghrib prayer. After Maghrib prayer, there will be a special 30-45 minute meeting with the parents, youth, and youth group volunteers in the multipurpose room of the ISGL/masjid. The meeting is a joint effort between the Big Sister/Little Sister and ISGL Youth Group organizations. We’ll discuss a few general issues pertaining to youth activities in our community and then proceed to provide more details about the proposed Camp Tecumseh program on June 4-5, 2011. We would greatly appreciate if both parents (mom and dad) make it for the meeting.

Once again to re-cap Friday night’s festivities:

What: Bowling & Parent-Youth-Volunteer Meeting

Youth need to bring $2.45 for bowling shoe rental

Time: 6:30 – 9:45 PM

Where: Meet at the masjid/ISGL by 6:30 PM for bowling