Camp Tecumseh 2011


The Big Sister/Little Sister and ISGL Youth Group are combining efforts to organize a special two-day program this Summer at Camp Tecumseh. Camp Tecumseh is located in Brookston, Indiana (~30 minutes from West Lafayette, Indiana off of State Road 43). The camp will take place from Saturday, June 4 (starting at 8:00 AM) to Sunday, June 5 (ending at 2:00 PM). The camp is open to youth, ages 9-17, who are participants of either the ISGL Youth Group or Big Sister/Little Sister organizations.

The cost of this camp is $62/child. We do NOT want this registration fee to pose an obstacle for families interested in sending their child(ren). Therefore, we have set-up two sources of financial aid for families who wish to send their children to the camp but can’t afford to cover the registration fee. Families can request either a partial scholarship ($35) or full scholarship ($62) per child. Please contact Salah Issa for more information regarding the scholarships.

Wall climbing is just one of the many fun activities available at Camp Tecumseh.

A tentative schedule of activities can be found in the Word document below:

Camp Tecumseh Itinerary

The itinerary shows a collection of educational, spiritual, and fun activities which we have planned for the youth during their stay at Camp Tecumseh.  The major theme of this year’s camp is maintaining a balance between deen and dunya. As our youth grow older and take on more responsibilities with school and work, they may find it difficult to continue to make strides in their relationship with Allah, subhanahu wa ta’ala. We hope to help our youth achieve a sense of balance between their religious duties and everyday responsibilities through this two-day camp. In addition to the workshop on balance, the youth will be learning practical ways they can start to make an impact in their own community through community service. We are working to confirm two outstanding speakers for the two workshops on balance and community service.

No doubt, parents may have questions regarding certain aspects of this camp (including meals, transportation, youth supervision, separation between male and female youth during fun activities, etc.). We encourage you to view the Frequently-Asked-Questions (FAQ) document below for answers to your possible questions:

Camp Tecumseh 2011_FAQ

If you have additional questions which are not answered in the document above, please feel free to contact either Salah Issa or Haroon Mohammad.

Families interested in sending their children to Camp Tecumseh must submit a completed registration form (see below) to either Salah Issa or Haroon Mohammad. The deadline to submit a registration form is May 1, 2011.

Camp Tecumseh 2011_Registration Form