Bowling, last Friday night, was unbelievably entertaining. 16 participants were divided into three teams; each team bowled in a separate lane. Highlights from last Friday included:

  • One participant flung a bowling ball so hard that the ball jumped over the gutter of one lane and into the gutter of the adjacent lane. Fortunately the second lane was empty at the time so there  was no collision of bowling balls (though the sight of this act was hilarious to observe)!
  • Yacoub and Tasawwar had a friendly competition between themselves. It seemed every time Salah or Haroon stopped by the lane Yacoub and Tasawwar were bowling in, one of the two had scored a strike.
  • Nearly half the youth were able to successfully knock down all ten pins in one bowl (called a strike).
  • During one portion of the event, the older youth had back-to-back-to-BACK strikes. Unbelieveable.

We’ll definitely have to add bowling to our list of future activities for the youth group. Who knew bowling with 16 people could be so much fun?

Now on to this week’s festivities. This Friday the youth will enjoy swimming at the Boilermaker Aquatics Center in shaa Allah.

The beautifully-constructed and spacious Boilermaker Aquatics Center.

Originally this activity was scheduled for Saturday. However, due to a scheduling conflict, the activity has to be moved to Friday evening. Due to the nature of the activity, only youth who know how to swim (i.e. are strong or adequate swimmers) can participate in this Friday’s activity. The pool depth varies from 3 feet (at the shallow end) to 16 feet (the diving well where diving boards are located). The youth will be supervised by youth group leaders. There will also be a trained lifeguard on duty at the Aquatics Center to ensure the event is safe. Some basic rules need to be followed during this activity. We encourage parents to gently remind their youth about these basic rules:

  • Each participant must wear proper swim gear (i.e swim shorts [NOT sports shorts])
  • Each participant must bring a towel
  • Each participant must bring a change of clothes (to wear after swimming)
  • Youth can bring swim goggles (to keep water out of the eyes) and a swim cap
  • No flotation devices are allowed (per the Aquatics Center rules)
  • No pool toys are allowed (ex. rubber duckies, water guns, etc.)
  • Youth must respect other individuals using the pool at the same time. Please do not splash water on others.

Parents planning to send their youth to this activity MUST CONFIRM with either Salah or Haroon before Friday afternoon. Once again, only youth who know how to swim are eligible to take part in the swimming event.

Details for Friday’s activity are below:

When: FRIDAY, April 15, 2011

Where: Meet at the ISGL/Masjid by 6:15 PM

Time: 6:30 – 9:30 PM

Who can participate: Youth group members who are strong/capable swimmers