Assalamu-alaikum readers,

Last Friday night, our community was fortunate to have the opportunity to host Shaykh Gyasi Mckinzie from Dallas, Texas. Shaykh Gyasi discussed the future of Islam in America and was able to effectively engage the youth throughout his lecture. The youth group would like to take a moment to thank Shaykh Gyasi for his wonderful talk to our community.

After the discussion, the youth returned to the masjid for an ice cream social. Using a base of vanilla ice cream, the youth carefully added toppings to produce a unique work-of-art. Toppings which were used included:

  • Hershey’s Ice Cream Sundae (chocolate) syrup
  • Regular M&Ms
  • Peanut M&Ms
  • Peanuts

A delicious bowl of ice cream courtesy of Country Living.

The young brothers later named their artistic creations before excitedly devouring what they had spent several minutes carefully creating. Salah was able to capture a few of the fun moments which occurred during the activity. In shaa Allah we’ll post a few of these pictures later in the week.