End of Semester Group Picture

The Spring 2011 Program for the ISGL Youth Group is now officially over. Alhamdulillah the youth and volunteers enjoyed many great moments over the past semester. As they say, all good things must eventually end; and so too must our Spring 2011 program. We wish all of our youth and their families a safe, enjoyable remainder of the school year as well as an awesome summer.

In shaa Allah our next youth activity will be Camp Tecumseh on June 4-5. The camp, jointly organized by the Big Sister/Little Sister and ISGL Youth Groups, will in shaa Allah be an amazing two-day experience full of fun activities, educational workshops, and opportunities to strengthen the bonds of friendship which our youth have slowly built during the ISGL Youth Group activities.

The ISGL Youth Group will also be conducting its second annual July (or Halalapalooza) Program this summer in shaa Allah. Last summer’s trial run proved to be an amazing experience. Hopefully this year’s July program will top last year’s program. While Salah and Haroon would love to share a few juicy tidbits from what this year’s July program will contain, we want to have the anticipation of the program build before releasing any details!

Once again, Salah and Haroon would like to thank all of the parents, community members, and members of the ISGL EC Board for their continued support of all youth activities!