Assalamu-alaikum parents and youth,

Friday night served as the conclusion to the ISGL Youth Group Spring 2011 Program. Over the past semester, the youth had an amazing time with a variety of activities including swimming, bowling, capture the flag, dodgeball, making homemade pizza, and an ice cream social. We were able to enjoy and benefit from the knowledge of Imam Muhammad Ndiaye and Shaykh Gyasi Mckinzie through their wonderful talks to the community. Alhamdulillah, the youth also benefited from  short talks on family relations in Islam, dealing with anger, the topic of mercy and compassion, and a discussion of what each youth did over Spring Break.

Salah was able to capture pictures from the pizza party on Friday night which can be found below. The evening started out with a group discussion where each member of the youth group talked about their favorite activities this semester, least favorite activity this semester, and how they want to see the youth group improve for the future. After the discussion, we enjoyed a wonderful dinner of pizza.

Youth enjoy a few slices of cheese and veggie pizza

Amir gulps Mountain Dew as Muhammad entertains Enosh

Yacoub entertains the crowd with a scary story

After a nice quantity of pizza was consumed, the youth were surprised to learn there would be dessert as well. Friday night’s dessert choice…ICE CREAM!

One can't fully enjoy pizza without a great dessert...umm, ice cream

Explaining the rules of the sock game

After dessert, Tassawar and Yacoub taught the youth how to play, wait for it…the sock game. That is right, the object of the game is to capture other player’s socks while safeguarding your own socks from being ripped off by someone else. The game is actually quite fun to play (if you can get by the odd smells which certain socks give off over others) as is captured below. The sock game served as a fun ending to a great semester alhamdulillah!

The game begins

Younger brothers trying to de-sock their older brothers

Socks flying everywhere

Amir and Malik duel for the win

The elder statesmen of the youth group...and future youth group leaders in shaa Allah