Hanging Out in the Cabin

Nabeel practices his Spiderman moves while Omar relaxes

"Bro Time" with Big T, the Yac Attack, Amir Power, and the Sheriff

Mr. T gets his picture taken with the Brookston Bedouin Bandit!

Wall Climbing

Assesing the situation before embarking on the ascent of a lifetime

Yacoub getting his final safety check before climbing the wall

Sheriff beginning the climb up the "medium" wall

Samir A collides with who else...Samir K

Sheheryar goes to work on the "medium" wall


Carpetball anyone?

Yacoub tosses the white ball down the carpet

The ball slowly rolls into the pocket at the end of the table

Obstacle Course/Mine field

Eerie silence at the start of the course

Samir K hands out the blindfolds

Omar provides verbal directions to Amir (WATCH OUT FOR THE BAG!)


Pushing off from the dock

Battle of the tipp-e-CANOEs

Two canoes pass one another carefully

Amine doesn't understand how his canoe got stuck

Mohammad, Nabeel, and Dr. Farooq paddling hard

Walking Between Activities

Youth imparting knowledge to the "uncle"

Under the shade, Sheriff advises the young lads

Adil looking off into the distance with his whistle


The carpetball champions...Yacoub and Samir A

Ummm...yeah...not sure what exactly is going on here (battle of the shoes?)