Assalamu-alaikum readers,

Last evening, members of the ISGL Youth Group gathered to complete an epic creative arts project. The task: design and build a mini-model bridge which could absorb the weight of sand without breaking apart. After going over the bridge design rules, guidelines, and suggestions, each team of youth had 30 minutes to draw the bridge they hoped to design over the course of the next 6 days.

The calm before the building storm


After receiving design approval, the teams were each given a bag of supplies containing:

– 75 Popsicle sticks

– 14 straws

– 10 sheets of paper

– Bottle of Elmer’s glue

– Roll of packaging tape

– and scissors

As the teams began to lay out their pieces carefully, bridge construction officially began. It was really interesting to see the different concepts each team utilized when building their bridge. Some teams focused on aesthetics (tried to make

Beginning the bridge constuction

their bridge look pretty) while others worked on building a physically imposing bridge. One team’s bridge (the aptly named “Mr. Smiley) built a bridge which felt like a light-weight brick. I’m not sure if Salah and Haroon have enough sand to bust the base of that bridge.

Congratulations to the following teams for finishing the construction of their model bridges yesterday:

– Amr & Omar (Team Antidote) with their bridge named “The Breakable Bridge”

– Mohamed E. & Nabeel for completing “Mr. Smiley”

– Murtaza for his cool-looking bridge called “X Rainbow”

Pictures from the awesome model bridge event are below for your viewing pleasure:

Team designing their bridge


And we're build a bridge!


Essa and Mujtaba building away


Nabeel carefully cuts the jagged edges of his Popsicle sticks


Confusion on the faces of Team Antidote


As pieces dry Murtaza ponders carefully over his next move


Omar and Amir with too much time on their hands


Murtaza cushions his bridge base with bendy straws

"The Breakable Bridge" by Amir and Omar

"Mr. Smiley" courtesy of Mohamed E. and Nabeel

A close-up of the aptly named bridge "Mr. Smiley"

Yacoub and Sheriff's brilliant idea for winning the bridge test...bribe the judges