Assalamu-alaikum readers,

Why do we need so many bowling balls?

Alhamdulillah we had an awesome game of bowling tonight at Market Square Lanes! 12 youth showed up to pit their skills against one another to see who would emerge as the ultimate champion. We split the youth up into 2 groups. Lane 5 attracted the older guys while lane 6 was reserved for our younger youth (who needed a little help with bumpers). The older guys’ game began with a flourish with our co-coordinators earning strikes early.

Throughout the game, the bowling pins proved no match for the

STRIKE...the pins are no match for the mighty arm of Salah Issa

mighty strength of Salah Issa. Frame after frame he tossed strike after strike (with a couple spares thrown in there for good measure). Omar Almakki provided great entertainment for the youth with his variety of bowling tosses. Sheriff was able to consistently roll the most linear-looking path (for his bowling ball). Unfortunately the method only led to one strike.

The evening was going great when things got a little strange. Halfway through our game, the lights were turned off and a retro 70s theme began to overtake the bowling alley. A mix of flashing lights combined with the blue background made for an interesting conclusion to our game.

Things got a little freaky once the lights were turned off

Our previous bowling champ, Tassawar, was dethroned with a superb performance by Essa Siddiqui. Essa earned two strikes and a spare on his way to posting a total score of 112. Murtaza finished a close second with 83 points and was followed by Mohamed Elmahdi with a score of 79 (top score amongst the older group of youth).

We hope you enjoy a few of the moments captured in the pictures below:

Murtaza tries to earn a spare

Sheriff with a big wind-up as Shujath begs his ball to hit the pins

Yay Sheriff gets a STRIKE!

Omar Almakki in one of his funny bowling poses. I think his foot is over the line, no?

The bowling champ Essa Siddiqui stares down the last pin

Mohamed glances back as his ball rolls down the alley

Mujtaba wth a shot at a strike

Shujath carefully selects his bowling ball

A victim of youth bowling...the poor damaged bowling ball