Friday evening after Asr prayer, 8 youth gathered at the masjid to began a race of a lifetime. Their task: complete 7 tasks

And the race begins!

spread out over 3 different stations; oh and they had to finish the tasks as quickly as possible. The race would test their physical, mental, and emotional resolve. Which team would withstand the heat and the frustration over finishing a given to emerge as The Amazing Race Champion? Read on to find out.

The race began at the masjid at 7:08 PM. 4 teams of youth ran (safely) from the masjid to the intramural fields next to the Purdue Co-Rec. The intramural field was station #1. It was at station #1 that each of team of youth had to complete 2 tasks. The first task: lead your partner (who was blindfolded!) safely through an obstacle course. If your teammate touched one of the obstacles, you would fail the task and have to start the obstacle course over again. Any team that failed to successfully finish the course in 2 tries received a 2-minute time penalty (before they could continue on the race).

Traps along the obstacle course


Salah provides some last-minute instructions

After completing the first task, each team received a clue to their next task. Task #2 involved correctly answering 3 questions (related to information from the Islamic Jeopardy information packet). When a team correctly answered all 3 questions, they received a clue to task #3. Task #3 took place at the basketball court next to the Black Cultural Center (station #2). Teams followed directions from the intramural fields to the basketball court.

Amr shoots a free throw

Mujtaba and Essa were the first team to arrive at the basketball court. Seconds later, a second team (Amine and Murtaza) came roaring by the court. At the basketball court one partner had to complete a basketball skills drill. The skills drill involved testing one’s dribbling ability and shooting abilities. After one partner finished the skills drill, the second partner had to run 2 laps around the fence of the basketball court. Next both partners had to do ten push-ups before receiving their clue to task #4. Amr and Shujath were the last team to leave the court but, to their credit, they still raced hard to the finish.

Shujath running 2 laps


Kids, this is how you correctly do a push-up...I think

Task #4 involved putting together a puzzle of the masjid. Once the youth correctly taped together their puzzle pieces showing a picture of the masjid, they found the clue to task #5 on the back of the picture. Youth raced from the basketball court to the final station of the race – the masjid.

Amine and Murtaza put together their puzzle...HURRY UP GUYS!!!

What was task #5 you ask? A scavenger hunt of course! Each team had to search inside and outside the masjid to find 4 different colored plastic eggs. They had to write down where the found each hidden egg. If the volunteer agreed with the team’s answer, they would be directed to task #6. Mujtaba and Essa ran into some difficulty finding one of their eggs which allowed Ali and Mohamed E. to make a comeback in the race. Ali and Mohamed’s team were neck-and-neck with Amine and Murtaza’s team heading into task #6.

We thought this was a good place to hide plastic eggs..turns out the rabbit community had other ideas

Task #6 was a small 5-question quiz about the Qur’an. Questions included: what chapter number is Surat al-Yusuf and how many chapters/surahs are there in the entire Qur’an?After correctly answering all 5 questions, teams were given their seventh and final clue.

The long row of clues for the Qur'an quiz task

What was the seventh and final task? A CAKE-EATING CONTEST! This is where things became really interesting.  Ali and Mohamed began devouring their cake quickly. Not to be outdone, Amine and Murtaza plugged along and quickly tried to finish eating their piece of cake.

I must say this piece of cake looks too good to be eaten...ummm cake how I love thee!

The race came down to the wire before Ali and Mohamed Elmahdi emerged as champions. They managed to finish eating their piece of cake 5 second quicker than Amine and Murtaza’s team.

Congratulations to all of the teams for successfully finishing The Amazing Race. Jazakum Allahu Khairan to brothers Amjad, Sultan, Ihsan, and Sami for their help in coordinating the race!