Assalamu-alaikum readers,

Today was an extremely fun day for our youth. After spending an entire week diligently working to create a strong model

The bridges all lined up for testing. They look a bit scared, no?

bridge (out of Popsicle sticks, straws, paper, tape, and glue) today was the big official test. Each bridge (9 in total) would be tested using the same method. A string was wrapped around the base of a bridge. The string was then attached to an empty 5-gallon bucket. Two people held the bridge at the edges while Salah carefully poured sand into the empty bucket until either:

1.) The base of the bridge broke OR

2.) We ran out of sand (we only had 47 pounds)

The next step was to determine the mass of each bridge (in pounds). Special thanks to Br. Amjad for helping us with this step.  The final step was to determine the Efficiency Factor (EF) for each bridge. EF = (weight of sand held by the bridge)/(weight of the bridge itself). EF basically lets us know how much weight each bridge is able to hold relative to its own weight.  The bridge with the highest EF is the winner of the Bridge Design & Test Competition.

The infamous rope and 5-gallon bucket before the sand is added

The scale which would determine the victor,,,yes, it is a bathroom scale

After the bridge test was completed, the youth took part in a full-scale water balloon fight.Youth (and a few adults who decided to join in on the fun) were divided into 2 teams. All of the balloons were placed at one end of the field. Youth had to race to collect balloons and run back to their side of the field. The game began and balloons began to fly. The young chased the old; even the cameramen were not spared of getting wet!

The massive collection of water balloon. Sadly they would all be gone in 5 minutes

The start of the battle...each side gears up to collect the all-important water balloons

Ihsan on the prowl

Ali and Sultan locked in a duel

A victim of the water balloon fight - the poor badminton net

Balloons flying through the air

Reloading for round 2

Amjad going after the cameraman...not nice, not nice at all

Yacoub's hair once again blocks the camera

No mercy was shown to the adults

Poor Tahir, at the very end every person with an intact balloon went after him

Amir begs for mercy as Yacoub finishes the game dousing his younger brother with water

Jazakum Allahu Khairan to Brs. Amir, Abdul Rahman, and Aussaf for helping to fill the balloons with water for the activity!

We would like to take a moment to thank Br. Belkacem and his family for their generosity in hosting us for the bridge test and water balloon fight. The youth had an awesome time eating, bridge testing, tossing water balloons, eating more, and then partaking in some fun sports activities.

And the results of the bridge test are in:

The Tank

Mujtaba Siddiqui & Essa Siddiqui

Bridge name: “The Tank”

Bridge weight: 0.286 lbs

Amount of sand held: 19.8 lbs

Efficiency Factor: 69.23

NOTE: This bridge was voted as the most artistic/creative/coolest looking design by our panel of 9 judges.

The Golden Tape Bridge

Ali Kais

Bridge name: “The Golden Tape Bridge”

Bridge weight: 0.363 lbs

Amount of sand held: 47 lbs

Efficiency Factor: 129.48

Mr. Smiley

Mohamed Elmahdi & Nabeel Farooq

Bridge name: “Mr. Smiley”

Bridge weight: 0.358 lbs

Amount of sand held: 47 lbs

Efficiency Factor: 131.28

The Tent

Amr Kais

Bridge name: “The Tent”

Bridge weight: 0.350 lbs

Amount of sand held: 47 lbs

Efficiency Factor: 134.29

Rainbow X

Murtaza Siddiqui

Bridge name: “Rainbow X”

Bridge weight: 0.193 lbs

Amount of sand held: 43.4 lbs

Efficiency Factor: 224.87

The Breakable Bridge

Omar Almakki & Amir Sankari

Bridge name: “The Breakable Bridge”

Bridge weight: 0.167 lbs

Amount of sand held: 47 lbs

Efficiency Factor: 281.44

TOP 3:

Mount Tepee (a.k.a Mount T)

Tassawar Farooq (3rd-place)

Bridge name: “Tape Tepee”

Bridge weight: 0.105 lbs

Amount of sand held: 47 lbs

Efficiency Factor: 447.62

The Sultan

Amine Bouftas (2nd-place)

Bridge name: “The Sultan”

Bridge weight: 0.097 lbs

Amount of sand held: 47 lbs

Efficiency Factor: 484.54

The Porch

Yacoub Sankari & Sheriff Almakki (1st-place)

Bridge name: “The Porch”

Bridge weight: 0.068 lbs

Amount of sand held: 45 lbs

Efficiency Factor: A whopping 661.76

Congratulations to all of our youth for their wonderful work on their bridge designs!