Over the past 3 weeks, our youth have been working in teams of 2 to study the lifestyles of Muslims all across the world. From researching the sports youth like to play to popular cultural dishes to different clothing styles to how Islam spread to a given country, our youth have expanded their understanding of the beauty which exists in different Muslim communities around the world. During the past 3 weeks, youth had to conduct basic research on how Muslims live across different societies, conduct an interview with a local community member who emigrated from or is studying abroad from the particular country the youth were studying, and the youth had to design a poster to present on Friday, August 29 (after the burrito competition).

These posters will be on display and youth will present what they learned at the Youth Banquet, Iftar, and Awards Ceremony on Friday, August 12 starting at 6:50 PM in shaa Allah.

Below are pictures capturing the different groups presenting their posters last Friday night:

"United States of America" by Mohamed and Nabeel

"Libya" by Amr, Muhammad, and Khalifah

"Malaysia" by Amine and Murtaza

"Jordan" by Essa and Mujtaba

"Syria" by Ali and Tassawar

"Egypt" by Amir and Omar

"Palestine" by Sheriff and Yacoub

Congratulations to all of our youth for successfully completing this challenging project!