Throughout the month of Ramadan our masjid will be conducting a Qur’an Quiz Competition. The objective of the competition is to help us all re-connect with some of the major themes mentioned in the Qur’an.

Below are the links for the Ramadan Qur’an Quiz Competition. They will remain the same for the remainder of the month in shaa Allah:



The link will become accessible starting at 6 PM each day (for that day’s question). You have until 12 pm the next day to answer the questions. A point will be awarded to the first person in each category (adult, youth brother, and youth sister) who correctly submits the answer to that day’s question. At the end of the month, prizes will be awarded to the top participants in each category.

Prizes for the youth (for each gender) are as follows:

First-place: $30 gift card

Second-place: $20 gift card

Third-place: $10 gift card