Assalamu-alaikum parents and youth,

We’re baaaaaaaaaaccccckkkkkk! In shaa Allah we will kick-off our Fall 2011 Program on Friday, September 16, 2011. The registration form for the program is at the end of this post. Please return completed forms with registration fee to Br. Haroon Mohammad by Friday, September 16, 2011. If the registration fee proves difficult for your family, please let Br. Haroon know. We will waive the fee if the fee proves an issue for any family.

This semester we have several amazing events planned for the young brothers. We have our traditional sports activities (soccer, capture the flag) along with a couple of nice new twists (Sock Wars and the Olympics). To balance our fun activities with community service, we will in shaa Allah be conducting an event to raise awareness and support for the individuals across Eastern Africa who have been facing drought and famine for an extended period of time.

We’re also planning to take a trip to Fishers, IN for an awesome 5-hour seminar about the explanation of the verses in Surat Ar-Rahman. The seminar is being offered by Bayyinah Institute and the instructor will be the engaging and eloquent Br. Nouman Ali Khan! The trip will only be open to youth ages 11-18. The cost of the seminar is $35. The youth group will cover costs for transportation in shaa Allah. Please register your son(s) for the course using the following link:

Once you register your child(ren), please contact Br. Haroon Mohammad so we can add your son(s)’s name to the official travel list. The deadline to register for the class (in order to join our youth caravan) is Saturday, October 1, 2011. No forms will be accepted after October 1 so please make sure to register before then.

One final event we would like to highlight is our first-ever “Parents Appreciation Night.” This event is meant to honor and thank the parents who send their youth to our programs. Islam teaches us that we must honor, thank, and take care of our parents. Our youth have benefited greatly from the numerous moments of support provided by their parents throughout their lifetime. Now it is our turn to thank our parents for all that they have done for us. We humbly request all families within the ISGL Youth Group to mark down Saturday, November 26, 2011 from 3:30 – 6:00 PM on your schedules in order to join us for this special program.

Please remember that a completed registration form for the Fall 2011 Program is due on Friday, September 16, 2011. Where is the registration form? Check out the link below:

ISGL Youth Group Registration Form_Fall 2011