Assalamu-alaikum guests,

Last Friday evening, our youth embarked on a semester-long journey into the real (at least in our imagination) land of Ozwana. Though no map in the world will show this tiny jewel of a territory, it is in this land where valuable lessons will be learned: teamwork, communication, developing a plan of action, and respect for one’s opponent. The journey into the land of Ozwana began on Friday and will come to a conclusion at our final youth group event for the semester on December 2.

While many men dreamed of becoming kings only few reached that goal. The same can be said about the land of Ozwana where only four youth were crowned as kings of each of their lands. King Mustafa, King Muhamed, King Essa and King Malik will now compete for prestige through battles, sports (olympics) and dialogue (presentations). Also, competing with them is a band of mercineries under the leadership of Omar with the aim of hording massive wealth.

Salah going over the rules for Sock gotta love the facial expressions on some of these guys


Kings selecting their fellow mates. Those cool-looking socks you see on the young men's feet are about to come flying off in a few seconds

Kingdoms line up to do battle. Danyel makes du'aa that Salah and he don't meet face-to-face.

King Muhamed led the charge for the first battle with the plan to capture King Malik’s Hashitengo tower. It was an intense battle with cannon balls flying all over the place (i.e. socks) with soldiers from both armies scattered all over the battlefield. In the end, King Malik used his home-field advantage to route the forces of King Muhamed and declared the first victory of the Sock Wars. The second battle was carried out by King Essa against King Muhamed. Flush from the wealth recently gained by assisting King Malik, King Essa led an attack on King Muhamed’s own Hashitengo tower taking advantage of the fact that King Muhamed’s army and treasury had not recovered from the last battle. King Muhamed tried his best and used all his available resources to protect his lands. However, in the end, King Essa was able to easily defeat King Muhamed and expand his influence in the land of Ozwana.

In the heat of battle. Poor guy in the middle has no help from his teammates

We told you the socks would come off and indeed they did. I think Mustafa is in need of a second sock. Can you help him find his sock?

Mujtaba and Hamza enjoy a high-five. Good teamwork is always a key to victory.

The results of these battles have placed King Essa as the top contender with 46 points, followed by King Mustafa (23), and King Malik (17).

The current map of the land and the treasuries of each kingdom is as follows with arrows indicating troop movement for these battles.

You can see King Muhamed's failed attempt to capture King Malik's tower and King Essa's succesful attack.