Assalamu-alaikum (peace be upon you) readers,

Alhamdulillah, today our youth took part in an amazing educational experience at Masjid Al-Huda in Fishers, IN! Our journey began earrrrrrrllllly in the morning (like 8:00 AM early) with the bleary-eyed youth wondering why they had to forsake the comforts of their bed early on a Saturday morning.Why were they up so early you ask? We had a seminar to attend about the explanation of the awesome verses contained in the 55th chapter (or surah) of the Qur’an entitled “Ar-Rahman.” The dynamic instructor for the class was Br. Nouman Ali Khan of Bayyinah Institute.

After loading up Big Bertha (our 12-seat passenger van for the trip) with snacks, juice bottles, our male counselors/chaperones (Adil, Salah, and Haroon), and most importantly, our youth, we set out towards Interstate 65.

The caravan of youth begin the journey to Fishers - this large, spacious van would be our home for 3 hours today

Before we could hit the road, we took the chance to remind our young men about the important prayer/supplication which we are encouraged to make before traveling. After all, who says learning has to only take place in a classroom or masjid? Adil led the reminder by reciting the du’aa piece-by-piece and allowing the youth to repeat it out loud after him.

Our chaperone Adil leading the youth in pronouncing the supplication for travel (Du'aa as Safar)

The seminar itself contained so many beneficial lessons which cannot be properly summed up in one blog post. What we do recommend is if this seminar is near your city, register for this class. You will find yourself developing a deeper appreciation for the verses of the Qur’an compared to before you stepped foot into the class.

In the opening verses of Surah Ar-Rahman, Allah, azza wa jal, reminds mankind that indeed His Mercy is not bounded nor can it be enumerated properly. From every beat of the heart to the drops of water we drink (but rarely stop to thank Him for) to the blessings of good health, wealth, and faith, we have all been given so much from our Creator; yet instead of thanking Him for His constant blessings upon us, we tend to complain about what we don’t have (consistently the surah has a verse which repeats stating in close translation – “then which of the Favors of your Lord will you deny?”).

In the next verse Allah, subhanahu wa ta’ala, tells us that not only did He give us the enormous blessing of the Qur’an, but He taught the message to us (through the Prophet Muhammad, salla Allahu alayhi wa sallam). After all, who can be a better instructor for a manual/book than the actual author? In the third and fourth verses, Allah, azza wa jal, tells mankind that He created every single being/creature and we are constantly in need of reminders (i.e. we tend to need constant reminders about completing tasks/responsibilities because we’ll get distracted by other responsibilities/commitments throughout our life or just plain forget).

Consistently throughout the seminar, Br. Nouman provided real-life examples and practical tips for attendees to help link the different messages contained in the surah.  The descriptions of the rewards awaiting the people of Paradise was indescribably beautiful (from the description of the different gardens, the waterfalls, all the way to the detail in the seat cushions of the couches). The end of the surah reminds the reader that after all the different blessings described in this chapter of the Qur’an, truly Allah, azza wa jal, has a Name that befits Him (Ar-Rahman); this Name is stated at the very beginning of the surah thus bringing the message full-circle.

The most difficult part of the day - saying farewell to Br. Nouman and leaving the seminar after it concluded

Though we would love to share more gems from this seminar, we believe you and your family will get way more benefit by physically attending this course.

Jazakum Allahu Khairan to the youth group families and the ISGL community (including our masjid Executive Committee Board) for helping to support this trip. Jazakum Allahu Khairan to the volunteers at Masjid Al-Huda (including Br. Fahmy and Br. Mohamed Saltagi) and Bayyinah Institute who helped organize this seminar in Fishers. Our youth and counselors truly enjoined the opportunity to capture gem after gem from the beautiful verses of Surah Ar-Rahman.

May Allah, azza wa jal, reward the volunteers for the time and energy they devoted to organizing this program in Fishers. May Allah, subhanahu wa ta’ala, reward Br. Nouman for educating us on the verses of the Qur’an and bless his family for their patience and support of Br. Nouman’s teaching commitments. May Allah, azza wa jal, allow our youth and all attendees to benefit from the messages contained in Surah Ar-Rahman and build the love for studying the Qur’an in our hearts. Ameen.