Assalamu-alaikum (peace be upon you) readers,

Tonight was a jam-packed session of activities for the brothers in the ISGL Youth Group. The evening began with sock battles and ended with four highly-competitive games of soccer. As teams battled for strategic position in the now-famed Land of Ozwana for Sock Wars , our newest youth mentor, Br. Ihsan Sarfraz, carefully listened to individual teams present their posters for the East Africa Awareness Event next Friday evening.

Our youth have been working hard the past two weeks to research the language, customs, food, youth activities, and history of Islam for Ethiopia, Kenya, and Somalia. These three countries have been severely impacted by the worst drought to hit this region of Africa in over 60 years. To help our youth better connect with the civilians being affected by this tragedy, we gave them an opportunity to first learn about the lifestyle, customs, and history of these nations. The next step will be to provide some assistance to support the victims of this ongoing humanitarian crisis. We would love to give you a sneak peek into what our youth have designed, but you’ll have to wait one week to see the final results (can’t spoil the fun)! In terms of scock wars, this weeks was mostly a battle without kings. With King Mohamed, King Essa and King Mustafa missing the generals took lead to protect their lands and advance their kingdoms. King Malik successfully advanced and captured a province from the kingdome of Mohamed while General Assim unsuccessfully tried to enlarge King Mustafa lands. King Essa remains the top kingdom with 41 points with King Malik (20) and King Mustafa (18) trailing behind

After praying Isha prayer at the masjid, we headed over to the Family Sports Center for a lively match of indoor soccer. Four games were played (each game lasted between 8-10 minutes) in the spacious indoor facility. There were solid kicks, spectacular aerial headers, aerodynamic corner kicks, phenomenal saves by the goalies, and most importantly, fancy goal-scoring (and passing). Below are a few pictures from the event to help you better grasp the fun our youth had:

Tassawar and Malik have a public service announcement for you...we love soccer and we mean business tonight!

The mass of youth move as one body towards the soccer ball...ahh unity

Corner kick about to be put into play; why is nobody from the opposite team covering the middle of the field?

Our newest mentor demonstrating proper technique for the two-handed throw-in of a soccer ball

Some fancy dribbling of the ball through traffic