Assalamu-alaikum (peace be upon you) readers,

A juicy cinnamon roll...sadly this delicacy was missing from our luch sale on Friday. Picture courtesy of Blue Goggles Films.


Yesterday afternoon most of our youth were off of school for Fall Break. We decided to take advantage of this opportunity to allow our young men to develop an important organizational skill – learning how to raise money to support an organization’s activities/programs. Eventually most of these young brothers will play leadership roles in high school clubs, college student organizations, or not-for-profit entities (including the masjid) in shaa Allah. A critical component of being able to run a successful organization or business is finding sources of funding to support your organization. To help our young men learn this valuable life skill, we gave them the opportunity to run a bake/lunch sale after jumm’ah (Friday) prayer.

Youth had to work with their parents to devise the following plan:

1.) Decide on a lunch item or sweet dish to make to sell at the lunch sale;

2.) Package their items in an attractive manner to make it easy to transport and sell;

3.) Determine how much to sell each item to maximize profit and the number of items sold (after all, if you make an item but can’t sell it then your profit margin will be significantly less compared to a person who is able to sell all items that they made);

4.) Work with the mentors (Salah, Ihsan, and Haroon) to create a sales pitch to convince community members to purchase their dishes;

5.) Drive traffic (i.e. community members and potential customers) to their lunch stall;

6.) Sell their items after jumm’ah prayer!

Alhamdulillah our young men did an amazing job at the lunch sale yesterday! There were a variety of items on sale including: cupcakes, crunchy cheese warps, a Middle Eastern dish called mujaddara (includes rice, lentil beans, and spices), spinach pies, and a chicken & rice dish. Working together, the youth were able to sell ALL of their items and raise over $300 for future youth activities ma shaa Allah.

Mad props to Malik for helping to drive lots of customers to our lunch sale tables. Great work by Mujtaba, Murtaza, Malik, Asim, Omar, Danyal, Hamza, Ahmad A, and Mohamed A on making dishes to sell at the lunch sale! Special hat tip to Ali, Amr, Hazem, Muhammad A, Tassawar, and Sheriff for helping convince community members to purchase dishes from the lunch stalls. Jazakum Allahu Khairan to all of our community members for generously supporting the youth and for those who provided generous donations to the youth group! Congrats to our youth and their parents for making wonderful, tasty dishes for the lunch sale.