Assalamu-alaikum (peace be upon you) audience members,

This feels like the building anticipation of opening a gift for Eid. What awaits our young lads in those plastic boxes they must be wondering?

Tonight we held our second-ever ISGL Junior Youth Group event. To put it mildly, there was a lot of noise involved with this event. Last weekend, our youth learned their first of many important life lessons in shaa Allah – how to cook. Tonight our mini-men continued the journey of knowledge by putting together small, wooden model vehicles.  From transformer cars to school buses to boats, there were many creative products built by our mini-men tonight. The event began with our young lads learning the importance of wearing the proper safety equipment (goggles, gloves, work apron) before working with hand tools. In addition to this, our mini-men got the opportunity to learn how to use a really cool hand tool – the HAMMER!!! After tearing open the boxes containing their pieces, the guys made a critical mistake – they ripped open their individual components and threw away the directions! Argh, how are we going to build these cars now? Fortunately our youth mentors were able to retrieve the directions. After our youth built their cool vehicles, they had the chance to decorate their hip vehicles with stickers and markers. Finally they took their sporty new vehicles out for a test drive to make sure all systems were a go.

We hope you enjoy watching our mini-men work in the pictures below. As you can see, we have some very talented engineers, artists, and designers amongst our burgeoning youth ma shaa Allah.

Hasan trying to start a new fashion trend - young lads, goggles and an apron are the new hip way to dress! Make sure to pass along the memo to your parents for the next time they go shopping for clothes for you.

Mohammed taking inventory of his materials and carefully reading through the instructions. Well at least one person was paying attention to the mentors!

Mohammed bangs away at a nail to put together his boat; the only problem we see is we need to find a pond to test his boat. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Yahya provides a helping hand to his pal Mustafa. Teamwork is very important in building strong working relationships.

Essa holds down the race car as Hasan bangs away at a nail. "Watch out for my fingers!"

Hamza smacks in a nail for his bus wheel. "Oh the wheels on the bus go round and round, round and round, round and round..."; sorry just reminiscing over a childhood memory.

Mohamed does a quick test drive under the watchful eye of Ihsan. I think we have a winner!

Hasan and Mustafa proudly holding their finished creations. That is one fine looking race car ma shaa Allah!

GROUP PHOTO! Yahya loves his Transformer car. Mohammed dreams about the open water for sailing his boat. Ahmed seems to enjoy his yellow school bus, we think.