They say a picture is worth 1,000 words. Well here is my humble attempt to write a 44 page report (assuming that a page is 500 words) on our mini-men Purdue University Fire Station experience.

Here is our beautiful fire station. It is located off of Third Street in West Lafayette and is operated by Purdue University.

Ready for action!

"Ooh, that feels squishy," one of our youth exclaimed regarding the fireman's glove.

Cool, a real fire engine up close!! You don't get to see one that often.

Coming out of the fire truck. It is spacious !!

A quick lesson on hoses and water

Fire truck number 2. This one has a HUGE ladder for all the tall buildings to reach.

Mini-men staring at the ladder. It really is huge!!

Ambulance numero uno!! What a spacious ambulance; I think I can move in there!

Poor Essa, forced to watch us while we played around

Back to the ambulance! Haroon is getting his heart checked. Here at the ISGL Youth Group we strive to give you the healthiest mentors possible.

Youth enjoy watching Haroon's heart beat

The results are out. Hamza studies Haroon's heart patterns for any irregularities.

Haroon's heart checks out and passes Hamza's careful inspection.

Ihsan enjoying the show from far, far away

"Wow these wheels are larger than us," commented our dear mini youth

Rocking away in the firemen lounge

Yes it is dark; this is the firestation sleeping lounge, what else did you expect in a room full of beds?

Our mini-youth experience a fire station wake-up call

Our mini-men are given official fireman sticker badges for all of their hard work

Muhammad shows us proper placement for the sticker and sticker badge. Thank you for your participation and see you in two weeks!