Assalamu-alaikum (peace be upon you) parents, youth, and online community members,

Winter seems to have returned to parts of the Greater Lafayette area. We were greeted this morning with a steady stream of snowflakes and breezy winds (direction unknown but our faces were turning red). Though the snowflakes could have posed an obstacle for some, our youth were not deterred by their presence.

Earlier this afternoon, our young men finished their community service project for this semester by dropping off gifts and get well soon cards (with short handwritten personalized messages) they had purchased for patients in the Pediatrics ward of IU-Arnett Hospital in Lafayette. The goal of this project was to instill in our youth the concept of having compassion for those who are sick/ill and encouraging them to put into practice the sunnah of visiting our fellow Muslim who is sick.The pictures below will take you through our journey after Dhuhr prayer from the ISGL to the hospital to our top secret location to reward our youth for their efforts on this service project.Enjoy!

Hamzeh proudly displays his team's written "get well soon" message; sharp penmanship on display!

Our beautifully packaged gifts await to be transported to a loving child...time to hit the road!

Loading up the vehicles with our youth on the road to our destination

We're here! "Excuse me sir but that is my bag!" Did we miss something - why is everyone looking to the left?

"This place is HUGE," remarks Danyal. He politely asked to move to the hospital but the nursing staff said no.

Mujtaba hands over the bag of goodies to a member of the nursing staff. In the background Ahmed looks stunned at the size of the bag.

Hamzeh hands over the bag of gifts from his team. Amine looks lost in deep thought - "I wonder who will get our toys?"

Folks meet our guest speaker Dr Chester Ho! We dig his Purdue colored IU-Health t-shirt. Dr Ho is a Purdue grad after all - way to represent!

Intensity and focus on the faces of our young men as they listen to Dr. Ho speak about living a healthy, nutritious lifestyle.

How do we stay healthy again? Oh yeah exercise, diet, vaccinations...

Our guest speaker imparts a few parting words of advice to our youth...

...and then the questions began.

Dr. Ho leads our young men through a grueling post-talk workout - walking, climbing stairs, and a little more took three minutes total. 57 more minutes of exercise to go!

Ihsan graciously poses with gifts provided to our youth from the hospital staff - look it is a frisbee!

To reward our youth for their hard work, we stopped by for a sweet treat from one of our FAVORITE local dessert joints - Coldstone Creamery. "There are so many ice cream flavors to choose from," yelps Muhammad.

Muhammad makes his choice to the delight of all of our youth

The chocolate brigade - Murtaza begs to be left alone to quietly eat his reward in peace. Okay we're leaving now...

The circle of joy - ice cream is the ultimate pacifier for rambunctious youth.