Assalamu-alaikum (peace be upon you) fellow readers,

Alhamdulillah, we have been blessed with several days of beautiful, spring-like weather in the Lafayette-West Lafayette area. Birds have been chirping happily, flowers appear to be blooming whimsically, and the rays of sunshine have provided a nice bump in our temperatures. As Purdue students escaped campus on Spring Break this weekend, our young men descended on the masjid for one final youth activity before break.

The nervous anticipation builds - "whose team will I get drafted to join?"

After praying Maghrib prayer, our youth eagerly raced to the small prayer hall to listen to the rules for our weekly activity (an exhilartiing, heart-pounding, non-stop, 60 minutes of physical activity in a game known around these parts as…DODGEBALL) and find out which team (either Team Adil or Team Salah) they would get selected to join in the 2012 Dodgeball Draft.  Dodgeball is a pretty simple game involving the following basic rules:

  • There are two teams – each team is given half of a basketball court from which to operate.
  • The object of the game is to get out each member of the opposing team by hitting them (below the shoulders) with a dodgeball.
  • If you get hit by a dodgeball, you must leave the court and move to a designated zone. To get back in the game, one of your teammates must catch a dodgeball thrown by a member of the opposing team before the ball hits the ground.
  • In an alternative version of dodgeball, called medic (which we played one game of on Friday night), one person on each team is designated to be a “medic.” If a teammate gets hit with a dodgeball thrown by the other team, the teammate must sit down where he was hit. The medic must then run and touch the teammate thus allowing the person to get back into the game and resume playing.
  • We added one twist to our game of dodgeball. If a person was able to make a half-court basketball shot, their entire team (who was knocked out) would get back into the game.

After dividing up into teams, we drove to the Purdue Recreational Sports Center (Co-Rec) and (good) chaos ensued. We hope you enjoy watching our young men in action below:

Team Flame Throwers (a.k.a Team Salah) about to break their huddle. We love the smile on Murtaza's face!

Adil warns his team, "gentlemen have fun but if we lose this game there will be consequences..."

...and Adil meant business. Team Adil warming up for an exciting game of dodgeball.

All the pretty dodgeballs lined up nicely in a row. In the background Salah discusses some last minute strategy with his teammates - "when the official says go, RUN!"

I-N-T-E-N-S-I-T-Y! Let's GO!

The mass charge of bodies towards the dodgeballs - quick grab me one!

"1...2...3...4," Ahmed takes time to count the members of the opposing team. "Hey everyone, they have 11 guys!"

Omar takes aim at his target; look at his eyes zeroing in. Nice arm extension!

"AHHHHHH don't hit me!" Adil with some nice dodging moves. Hamzeh on his back crawling away from the action.

Rehman getting ready to throw - wait a second, where did Malik's shoes go?

Adil doubled over in laughter. What is so funny ya Adil?

"Hey look at us, we're out!" Yes we see you Malik; you can stop waving now.

Danyal gets ready to throw his dodgeball - is it just us or is Danyal about to get hit?

Poor Hazem is all by his lonesome. Quick, somebody jump in to help!

Shujath frantically running side-to-side - "why does this always happen to me?"

Ali lobs a ball towards the other team; why is everyone on Ali's team out?

Adil leads his troops towards victory, one footstep at a time; all that stands in their way...


...Murtaza and Rehman (gulp) - let the game begin!


Murtaza receives a nice round of high fives and chest bumps from his teammates for sticking it out until the very end.

Psst Salah, Assim has a secret to share with you - HE'S THE MEDIC!!!

Something is terribly wrong with this picture - it is Team Adil versus one poor basketball.

Malik and Ali exchange some verbal pleasantries. "Hey get back here!" says Salah.

Omar stealthily sneaks up behind Salah - "Psst Salah why are you sitting down? It is not time for the halaqah yet!"

Yes sensei teach me this game they call dodgeball.


We have a happy customer!

Alhamdulillah our youth and mentors enjoyed a wonderful, intense game of dodgeball without anybody getting hurt. As we break for a few days of vacation, we hope everyone is able to enjoy a few moments of relaxation. In shaa Allah we’ll meet again in a few weeks!