Assalamu-alaikum (peace be upon you) fellow readers,

It has been awhile since we last met – our mentors felt it was time to break out a new blog post so here y’all go! Tonight marked our second-to-last event of the semester. Alhamdulillah (all praise and thanks belong to Allah, azza wa jal) we have been blessed to once again have an active semester jam-packed with fun, educational, and (we hope) life-changing activities. From learning about the art of perseverance in the story of Po the panda bear (in Kung Fu Panda), to learning how to make homemade fried chicken and mashed potatoes, providing thoughtful gifts to children dealing with illness in a local hospital, to learning valuable self-defense techniques under the watchful eye of Mufti Kamani, to our Indy Zoo Trip, we have enjoyed a wonderful semester. We are grateful for all of the support from our families, donors, volunteers, and most importantly our youth.

Tonight our youth event started out with a quick survey where our young men gave our mentors feedback on what they thought of our super-duper, uber-cool youth program this semester. The tables were turned and our young men were allowed to voice their joy and displeasure for this semester’s activities. They also let the mentors know what events they wanted to see on the schedule for future youth group programs (did I hear basketball?).

After the survey was done, the fun began; our young and mini-men enjoyed homemade (FRIED & TANDOORI!!!) chicken, pasta, and fries. After dessert, our young men enjoyed playing a game of Pictionary while our mini-men had the chance to color-in one more fun lesson before the semester came to a close. We hope you enjoy the pictures below from tonight’s event!

"Give us FOOD!" our impatient lads scream. Murtaza stealthily hides his plate of food from the group.

A nice line forming behind Ihsan. What will they choose - tandoori or fried chicken? Way too many options!!!

A french fry for a Frenchmen? Oui, oui!

CHICKEN...Y...U...M...M...Y C-H-I-C-K-E-N!!!

"Excuse me Br. Ihsan - can I have some ketchup please?"

From dinner we move to...DESSERT!

Ahmed points out an oddity - why is this specific lid sitting on top of an ice cream cup? Isn't ice cream supposed to be cold?

Fahad breaking down the rules for a game they call "Pictionary"

Our mini-men carefully color in their drawings. The sun is yellow, the tree is green, the water is blue, oh how do you do?

Amr leaves our party with a happy smile!