Assalamu-alaikum (peace be upon you) dear readers,

Sadly this post marks the official end of our Spring 2012 ISGL Youth Group Program. What better way to end than with a CARNIVAL!!!

In collaboration with ICAN Youth Foundation (our sisters youth group) along with support from the ISGL, our volunteers, and our generous community members and donors, alhamdulillah we were blessed by Allah, azza wa jal, to conclude the semester with an amazing event.

Below you can view our youth and community members taking part in many fun games. In addition to the games, we held our first-ever ISGL Top Chef Bake-off. Community members registered to make a dish they are famous for (sweets, snacks, or baked good). From chocolate nut biscotti to heavenly chocolate mania to warbaat, there were many incredibly delicious dishes produced for the competition. Our panel of culinary experts (moms and dads in the community) then ranked the dishes from top to bottom in terms of taste and overall appearance. The competition was narrowed down to the top three winners. First-place took home an engraved spatula, a gift card, and –¬† most importantly – bragging rights as the best chef in our community. Second-place and third-place dishes earned a beautiful plaque for the winners to place on a wall at home.

Without further ado – PICTURES!!!

Shujath puts some gusto in his throw in "Go Long." Nabeel hugs a football in the background.

Mujtaba and Amr take notes along the Relay Race course - "so if we drop the egg we lose five it!"

Hasan powers the ball through the net in "Hat Trick." Meanwhile Azat and Mustafa look on in amazement.

"How hard can this really be?" Abdelrahman tries his hand at juggling tennis balls in "Juggle Struggle."

Turns out juggling is much harder than you think

Malik attempts a game we like to call "Fuel Up" - will he win a Gatorade?

Malik WINS!!!

"Ball Toss" meet "Nothing But Net." Omar tries to knock the wooden bottles down with a basketball; Mahmood denies the move!

This is MY basketball and I'M taking it home!

Our young ones dig away excitedly in "Dino Dig" - how many eggs did you find?

Cedar, our amazing balloon artist, twists and turns a balloon into a fun design.

Our mini-men look on mesmerized by the skill of Cedar's balloon concoctions. What will he make next?

Look! It is a FLOWER! - NO WAY!

Our judges, under the watchful eye of Ihsan, rank the delicious culinary items prepared by our community members for the Top Chef Bake-off

The final tally for the Top Chef Bake-off; who would emerge victorious?

The snack line opens up - naturally, everyone makes a beeline straight for the ice cream

We would like to conclude this blog post with a quick jazakum Allahu khairan to all of our donors, volunteers, and community members who came out today to join us and to the families who made beautiful dishes for our Top Chef Bake-off. Congratulations to the Siddiqui family for earning the honors of ISGL Top Chef 2012 for their amazing dish entitled – “Rapturous Rashmi Kabobs.” Congratulations to the Sarfraz (Heavenly Homemade Chocolate Mania) an Khalil (Warbaat) families for earning second-place and third-place respectively.

As our youth anxiously finish up their classes and exams for the semester, our mentors will be tirelessly working to design our Camp Tecumseh and Halalapalooza 2012 Program in shaa Allah.

Until we meet again, we bid you assalamu-alaikum!