Assalamu-alaikum (peace be upon you),

Our final fun camp activity for Camp Tazkiyyah was a wonderful trip across the Richard Marsh lake. From canoes to paddleboats, our young men had a chance to build stronger arm and leg muscles as they powerfully pushed across the gentle water of the lake. The morning was beautiful with the rays of sunshine casting an elegant light across the blue water of the lake behind the backdrop of the green forest in front of us. Though a seed of sadness formed upon realization the camp was rapidly coming to a close, our campers forged together once more for a last “bro-bonding” moment.

Hamza, Hazim, and Muhammad try their hand at a leisurely stroll around the lake with a paddleboat.

They ditched the paddleboat for a canoe and found more joy on the water.

The pirates of the Caribbean – Camp Tazkiyyah style!

Ihsan and his crew depart the shore excitedly.

And away they went…

Murtaza and Danyal, watch out – you’re about to hit the forest!

Br. Ghassan and Salah take Mustafa for a tour around the lake.

How many oars does it take to steer a canoe? Apparently three according to these jokers.

High above the lake, there stood this cool suspension bridge. Our young men decided as a conclusion to our boating excursion, we would walk across the bridge. It was a fitting end to the camp.