Assalamu-alaikum (peace be upon you),

How do you transport 31 young men and women, 8 counselors, 1 parent representative, and a gargantuan number of sleeping bags, luggage, and a mini-grill 20 miles from the ISGL/masjid to Camp Tecumseh? Very, very carefully as you’ll see below.

Our youth release their excess energy with a game of indoor football. Seriously where does this energy come from at 7:30 AM on a Saturday morning? Meanwhile the stacks of suitcases start mounting higher and higher.

Loading up the caravan for our journey to Camp Tecumseh – Muhammad looks excited. Does anyone else dig Hamza’s hiking hat? We think it looks mighty lovely!

Muhammad and Mohamed shriek in glee as they locate their bunk beds in the cabins – “We’re roomies bud!”

Team “Hummus Punch” gets ready for camp orientation led by their unquestioned leaders – Salah Issa and Br. Ghassan.

Our first of many group photos before the opening ceremony for Camp Tazkiyyah. Ihsan appears bothered by the sunlight; Omar, well he appears to be channeling his inner monk.

Campers listen attentively to the first group discussion on “Operation Purification” – well except for Danyal and Murtaza who appear to be catching up on sleep.

The aptly named team “Honey Badger Shaykhs” discuss strategy as they meander to the Scavenger Hunt starting point.

Hamza inspects a leaf; it smells “leafy.”

Inspecting the bark of a tree – rough or smooth, you tell us.

Mujtaba scans the tree branches above for a bird’s nest, squirrel, or tree hole.

The “Honey Badger Shaykhs” have found the promised land – the famed Wabash River!

Team “Sour Skittles” displays their scavenged items – a bird’s nest, a leaf, and ummm…a tree branch?

The objective of the Scavenger Hunt and hiking activity was to give our youth a chance to reflect upon and take a moment to appreciate the beauty of Allah’s, azza wa jal, creation which surrounded us throughout our camp. Taking a few moments every day to appreciate your surroundings will give you a deeper connection and appreciation for the greatness of Allah, subhanahu wa ta’ala.