Have you ever been at the airport and wished you could return to your childhood and hop on a slide? Did you realize you could fulfill your childhood dream by taking a ride in the world’s largest slide (in an airport) located in Singapore’s Changi Airport? This amazing four-story slide takes riders almost 40 feet down the chute to the bottom.

While our young men didn’t get the chance to experience the Singapore slide at Camp Tecumseh, they did enjoy a plunge down two famed slides – the “Arrow” and the “Bullet.” Before our youth could experience these wonderful delights, they had to first awake from their deep slumber, pray tahajjud and Fajr, enjoy a post-Fajr reflection (where we talked about a trick to get ourselves up for tahajjud and Fajr prayers), pack-up, and have breakfast.

Salah assists Muhammad in packing his sleeping bag.

Danyal finds himself encircled by piles of luggage before breakfast. “How do I get out of here?”

A few of our youth call home after breakfast.

Hop aboard the wagon ride to the slides and the lake!

A quick pit stop at the “Arrow” slide. They forgot to mention it was wet at the bottom of the slide (ugh, wet pants never feel good).

The “Arrow” slide unveiled.

The famed “Bullet” slide – our youth get some tips on how to make the most out of their journey down the chute.

Salah makes the long climb back up the steps. The adults realized the hard way that slides are only appropriate for use up to a certain age; beyond age 24, you can seriously hurt yourself.