Assalamu-alaikum (peace be upon you) fellow readers and blogger aficionados,

One week after the end to a successful Camp Tazkiyyah program, our youth group launched our main summer program – our Halalapalooza 2012! Over the next six weeks, our young men will take part in activities to benefit their mind (IYG Debates, Bottle Rockets, and Shakes & Juices Juice-off), body (soccer, basketball, and IYG Olympics), and soul/heart (itikha’f, clothing drive to benefit local Muslims in need, cooking a meal for underprivileged youth in the Lafayette-West Lafayette community) as they navigate through the warm summer months.

Throughout the course of the Halalapalooza 2012 Program, we’ll provide you with insight into our program through short blog posts and pictures in shaa Allah. We encourage you to check out our ISGL Youth Group (IYG) Monopoly-style game board in the link above to follow-along with the program. The board contains the dates, times, and point totals possible for each activity. The goal for our youth is to accumulate as many points as possible through attending our activities, performing the five daily prayers on-time (either at home or in the masjid), and attempting to win mini-competitions spread throughout our program. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the journey through the ISGL Youth Group (IYG) Halalapalooza 2012 Program.

Tonight, our kick-off event began with a quick presentation about the Halalapalooza 2012 Program followed by a heart-pounding five games (10-15 minutes per game before switching to new teams) of soccer. Below are a few pictures from our outing:

Ahh the good old days of playground soccer where team captains selected their teammates. Who would be picked first?

Euro 2012 about to begin on the fields of airport road…wait a second who let these under-18 players onto the field?

Ihsan sets the back line of his team’s defense. Meanwhile Danyal strikes a pose for us – thank you sir.

Amr dribbles through the defense; Ahmed attempts to cut off Amr’s angle to the goal.

Come…back…here! Mujtaba chases Hazim (and the soccer ball) down.

Ali sets-up for a corner kick; Murtaza decides to form a single person human wall – this may not end well…

Goal saved! Danyal with a goal kick. Is it just us or is his leg bent at a rather un-human angle?

Fancy footwork on display – Omar decides to stick his foot hoping an “accidental” trip won’t be noticed.

Ihsan with a quick throw-in. This image proves shalwar kameez is the outfit to go with when playing soccer. It’s light, flexible, and provides ample protection from unforeseen hits.

Time for a little hydration and to pick new teams. Ooo Hamza, pick me pretty please!!!

Goalie of the match – Ihsan. Nothing could get by him on this day!

Whatcha lookin’ at? It’s my soccer ball!

There were several phenomenal individual performances – Amr (4 goals, 1 assist, 1 goal defensed), Hazim (1 goal, 3 goals defensed), Mujtaba (3 goals), and our own mentor, Ihsan (4 goals defensed, outstanding coordination of his team’s defensive strategy). In the end, the top athlete and individual performance for our soccer matches belonged to Ali (an impressive 7 goals, 2 assists, 1 goal defensed in 3 victories).