Assalamu-alaikum (peace be upon you) readers,

Adil breaks out the details on the IYG Debates!

It was the best of times. It was the worst of times. Saturday’s ISGL Youth Group (IYG) Juice-off Competition could easily be summed up in these two phrases. The afternoon began with Dhuhr prayer followed by an introduction of the IYG Debates by our special assistant for the summer, Br. Adil. As our young men listened attentively, Adil broke out the details of how the debates would work. Our youth would be split up into teams of 2. Each team of 2 would then square off against another team of 2 to address one specific topic which is a hot-button issue in the media or in school. The objective of the IYG Debates are to instill confidence in our young men and provide them with practical tools in how to skillfully and respectfully explain topics/issues related to their faith to their classmates, teachers, friends, and neighbors. Given three weeks to research their issues and prepare an argument, our young men will re-convene to determine if we have the next great debater amongst our ranks.

After the discussion on the IYG Debates, our young men’s attention turned to the main part of Saturday’s activity – the Shakes & Juices Juice-off Competition. What happens when you give young people a table full of fruit, 3 recipes, two juicers, two blenders, a tub of ice cream, sugar (and lots of it), and milk? Apparently freshly-blended, creatively-concocted juices and milkshakes.

Our beautiful table of fruits; feast your eyes on the clean image because it’s about to get messy!

After being given a quick lesson on mixing different textures and flavors (bitter, sour, sweet, etc.), the rules of the competition (minimum of 3 fruits and maximum 6 fruits for the juices while only 1-3 ingredients were permitted for the shakes), and a quick safety lesson, our youth were off to create their unique dishes. Enjoy the pics below!

Salah explains the rules for today’s competition – remember rule #1 – though shall not harm thy mentors!

Mujtaba looks a bit concerned at the knife in Raad’s hand – don’t worry Raad knows what he’s doing.

Ahmed and Murtaza grab the fruits for their juices. Amr looks lost in deep shake thought.

Mohamed seems to be wondering, “why did I cut this apple up?”

Mujtaba lends a helping hand to his lil’ bro Mustafa.

Ali pours his carefully crafted shake into a cup.

Danyal prepares the judges cup for his juice concoction.

A chocolate themed fusion shake!

Amr poses with his purple and lemon themed shake – the lemon was a premonition of things to come.

Strawberry anyone? The shake competition is getting elevated to Food Network level!

Ahmed seems pleased with his final product – would the judges be as happy after tasting the drink?

The long row of juices and shakes our judges would be required to taste – how would our judges rank the drinks?

Bismillah – let’s begin Haroon! How does the juice taste?

Apparently not so good! Meanwhile Salah enjoys a laugh at our other mentor’s expense.

Adil is wondering, “why did I agree to judge this drink competition again?”

Salah clings to the table for support after downing a drink containing two complete lemons…Not cool dudes!!!