Assalamu-alaikum (peace be upon you) fellow consumers of this blog,

Friday afternoon provided an opportunity for our young men to don their entrepreneurial hat on and learn the art of making money for their youth group. Working in conjunction with their parents, our youth were requested to make a unique lunch treat to sell to fellow community members after the conclusion of jumm’ah prayer, outside the ISGL main entrance. In addition to preparing a unique lunch dish, our young men had to carefully price their dish (to ensure it would be purchased!) and come up with a unique marketing strategy to convince individuals to stop by and buy their items. From the Siddiqui’s Family’s Homemade Falooda (ice cream) concoction to Raad’s Seafood Supreme Fish & Rice dish to Omar’s Famous Italiano Chicken Alfredo dish, there were many delightful items to choose from. Enjoy observing our young businessmen in action below!

The beautiful table upon which our dishes would be served – can you find “Muhammad’s Knockout” dish?

“It is a coke brother and it costs $0.50,” says our young danger seeker.

Sheriff inspects the $5 bill to make sure it is legit; Ali smirks in the background as the cash keeps rolling in on his falafel sandwich station.

IOU’s being handed out.

The falafel sandwiches were a big hit ma shaa Allah!

“That looks like some mighty fine lemonade sir. I’ll take two cups!”

Hamza takes a quick break to pour more cups of his family’s famous lemonade. It was selling like hot cakes (or maybe cold cakes is a more appropriate term to use?)!

Ooo Popsicles have emerged at Danyal and Hamza’s station!

“Alright, I’ll have one container of chicken and rice, a homemade falooda for dessert, and a drink to go. What does my total come out to?”

We have a satisfied customer alhamdulillah!

The IYG Lunch Sale provided a forum for our youth to learn the important skill of how to raise money for an organization or project our youth feel passionate about. As they grow, mature, and join other organizations in school and in the community, this skill will be put to good use in helping the organizations they join identify ways to raise money to support their projects.

There were many amazing dishes served by our young men but the two which stood out in terms of creativity were: the Siddiqui Family’s Homemade Falooda Ice Cream and Raad’s Seafood Supreme Rice & Fish Dish.

Our youth collectively worked together to raise over $400 from their lunch sale ma shaa Allah. The top three individual performances (in terms of raising the most money from selling their dishes) in no specific order are:

– Kais family Falafel Sandwiches

– Omar’s Famous Italiano Chicken Alfredo & Brownies

– Mohamed Amine’s Chicken, Rice, and Brownie Platter

Congratulations to all of our participants and their families on a job well done ma shaa Allah!