Assalamu-alaikum (peace be upon you) dear readers,

Behold the plethora of clothes collected by our young men – oh nooooo the bags are falling!

So you see the title of this blog post and you must be asking yourself – why in the world would the ISGL Youth Group go on a shopping spree to Goodwill? In order to understand this story, we have to take a trip back in time to June 15. On June 15th, our young men launched a clothing drive to collect gently-used/new shirts/blouses and pants/skirts for Muslims in need. They were split-up into teams of four and given a list of specific items to collect. In the past two weeks, our youth posted flyers around their neighborhood, contacted community members to ask for donated items, and cleaned out their own closets in search of items to contribute to the clothing drive. The conclusion of the drive was a trip to Goodwill where each team of youth was given $15 (and a warm smile from one of our mentors) and 45 minutes to search the store high and low for the concluding products to top off their donation boxes.

Our original plan was to distribute the clothing items to local families in need – however as the stacks of donations started rising higher and higher, we had to look at other options. To our rescue came Helping Hands USA from Chicago. With a cargo van ready to pick-up our items, the brothers from Helping Hands USA stopped by to transport our items to a warehouse in Chicago where they will eventually be transported to assist civilians in need in Tunisia.

Behold below, the dash to the finish line by our young men as they searched through Goodwill and sorted through their clothing donations. Though we were specifically looking for clothing items, we received some ummmm interesting donations:

Setting-up car assignments – ho hum, Hamza seems to be lost reading his newspaper.

Loading the vehicles for our trip to Goodwill! “Ummm why are you taking my picture sir?” asks our young lad Mujtaba.

We have arrived safely alhamdulillah! It looks like we brought donations to give to Goodwill.

Murtaza, Ahmed, and Bara’a look for a price tag – how much does this cost?

Ali, Danyal, and Mustafa carefully search the clothing rack for $1 deals.

Yay, shopping for others is fun! I found a three-piece suit.

Grandpa Danyal has some wise words of advice for us, listen closely…

Youth begin sorting through their items to uncover the hidden treasures which lie below…

We found some interesting items donated including this children’s story book…

…this party skirt courtesy of Danyal who appears to be having way too much fun wearing it…

and…A MONKEY!!!


There are too many clothes!!! Ahhhhh!!!

Once everything was sorted and re-packed, it came time for the all-important weigh-in of each box and bag.

Boxes sorted and re-stocked for pick-up.


And the piles upon piles of clothing stored in those cool clear plastic bags!

After two weeks, 8 overflowing cardboard boxes, and an unknown number of plastic bags full of clothing donations, the results are in. Collectively our youth worked together to collect 1,547 items totaling (unofficially according to our bathroom scale) 908 pounds ma shaa Allah! Though we can’t reveal the weight breakdown per team, we are happy to announce how many items each team was able to collect:

Team 1 (Mujtaba, Amr, Raad, Shujath) – 377 items

Team 2 (Ali, Danyal, Mohamed A.M., Mustafa) – 394 items

Team 3 (Amine, Omar, Hazim, Nabeel) – 431 items

Team 4 (Hamza, Murtaza, Ahmed, Muhammad A) – 345 items

Grrrrrrreeeeeaaaaattttt work gentlemen!