Assalamu-alaikum (peace be upon you) youth, parents, and fellow readers,

On July 27th, 2012, London will serve host to an event which will have the world buzzing – the 2012 Summer Olympics. Within the ISGL, we have several talented athletes whom we believe are strong enough to compete in the games (yes we’re biased). Unfortunately, we don’t have the means to outfit our skilled athletes and send them to London to represent the IYG at the 2012 Summer Olympics. Thus we decided to host our own IYG Olympics to give our young men the chance to medal in several different challenging games. Using their hands, feet, and mind, in the span of 3 hours, our young men competed to earn a special place in IYG history.

Due to the extreme heat warning issued (well it was 103 degrees outside with minimal shade), we decided to move our IYG Olympics indoor. Within the friendly (air-conditioned) confines of the ISGL, our youth took part in what would end up being a memorable experience for all involved. Who would emerge victorious through the various team and individual competition conducted? Well look below to find out!

Our young competitors line-up for the all-important division into teams.

Our five teams work diligently to create their country names and official flags under the careful supervision of the IYG Olympic Committee. What would our creative youth come up with…

We would like to introduce you to our five teams. Up first…Team Greendale!

Next up, we have Team Arabs!

Welcome Team Palegypt!

Please give a hand for Team Ingyptistan…

And ummm…Team Pretty Pink Pakistan (PPP)? Let’s move on quickly…

Team Greendale competes in the 100 meter dash team trials. Who would represent their team at the IYG Olympics?

The 100 meter dash finals. Interesting we have a pair of brothers competing against one another…

Pretty Pink Pakistan races in the team trials of the 2 x 200 meter relay race.

The 2 x 200 meter relay race finals. On your mark, get set…

Ali flies through the air in the long jump event.

Mujtaba returns back to earth after his unbelievable launch in the long jump.

Next up the 400 meter distance run…

…which was followed by a quick snack break to re-fuel.

The Sponge Bob relay race – teams ready, get set…GO!

Our captains run the first leg of the relay race for their countries. HURRY UP fellas, your teammates are waiting for you!

Team Palegypt attempts the Memory Challenge. How many UNO cards would they recall in 1 minute?

They are followed by Team Ingyptistan – quick Shujath how many cards can you remember?

Our final test…the 60-second Push-Up Challenge!

A few of our youth decided to come up with a new creative game for our IYG Olympics event – 3-person Bob-Slide!

After 3 hours of rigorous competition and 8 events, the following victors emerged (name of team represented in parentheses):

100 meter Dash

Gold medal: Mujtaba (Ingyptistan) in 11.59 seconds

Silver medal: Amr (Greendale)

Bronze medal: Ali K (Palegypt)


2x 200 meter Relay Race

Gold medal: Hazim & Omar A (Greendale) in 24.87 seconds

Silver medal: Danyal & Murtaza (Pretty Pink Pakistan)

Bronze medal: Team DQ’ed


400 meter Distance Run

Gold medal: Mujtaba (Ingyptistan) in 26.18 seconds

Silver medal: Ali K (Palegypt) in 26.21 seconds

Bronze medal: Omar G (Arabs) in 26.66 seconds


Long Jump

Gold medal: Mujtaba (Ingyptistan) at 11 feet, 8 inches

Silver medal: Omar A (Greendale)

Bronze medal: Ali K (Palegypt)


Sponge Bob Relay Race

Gold medal: Omar A, Abdallah, Ahmed, Amr, Hazim,  (Greendale) in 3 minutes, 7 seconds

Silver medal: Mujtaba, Hamza, Mohamed AM, Shujath (Ingyptistan)

Bronze medal: Ali K, Ali A, Bara’aa, Abdelrahman (Palegypt)


Memory Challenge

Gold medal: Ali K (Palegypt) with 11/15  cards

Silver medals (tie): Omar H (Arabs) & Murtaza (Pretty Pink Pakistan) with 9/15 cards


Push-up Challenge

Gold medal: Ali K (Palegypt) with 43 push-ups

Silver medal: Amr (Greendale) with 36 push-ups

Bronze medal: Hamza (Ingyptistan) with 35 push-ups



1.) Palegypt – 2 gold, 1 silver, and 3 bronze medals

2.) Greendale – 2 gold and 3 silver medals

3.) Ingyptistan – 3 gold, 1 silver, and 1 bronze medal

4.) Pretty Pink Pakistan – 2 silver medals

5.) Arabs – 1 silver and 1 bronze medal

Congratulations to all of our participants on the wonderful effort and sportsmanship put forth during the IYG Olympics!