Assalamu-alaikum parents, youth, and fellow audience members,

It has been quite a few days since we last appeared with a new blog post. Rest assured our youth and mentors have been active behind the scenes taking advantage of the blessed month of Ramadan, enjoying Eid-ul-Fitr with our families, getting geared up for yet another year of school, and, very importantly, planning the next adventures for our young men. Tonight marked the second event in our IYG Fall 2012 Program. Last Saturday we kicked off our Fall 2012 Program with an Awards Banquet for our Halalapalooza 2012 participants and their families. Photos from that event will in shaa Allah be posted on this blog in the coming days.

On a chilly, autumn-like evening, our young men gathered outside the friendly confines of the ISGL to take a short journey over to Precision Putt Plus in Lafayette. Our youth were split-up into small teams (led by our semi-unflappable mentors) for a friendly competition of putt-putt golf. We were wondering if any of our participants had the potential to emerge as a professional golf player through their putting skills. What emerged from our friendly putt-putt match? Check out the pictures below to find out:

Things did not start off well…Salah searches for a missing golf ball in the murky pond. Thobe meet water – water meet thobe!

Mohamed steadies his hands and gets ready to putt…


Mujtaba and Omar seek comforting advice from Captain Ihsan.

Meanwhile Ahmad, Bassim, and crew move on to the next hole!

“Excuse me, have you seen my ball? I seem to have lost it!”

Omar chases after his yellow golf ball in joyous glee!

Look a smiley face!

After putt-putt golf, our guys were able to enjoy a cool treat at our neighborhood Coldstone Creamery!

“Ummm…what should we order?”

Simply delicious! Ice cream – the ultimate pacifier for rambunctious youth!

After 18 holes of mini-golf, here is how our young men did in their small groups (number indicates how many strokes it took to put the ball in all 18 holes):

Group A(wesome) – Captain Ihsan

  • Mujtaba (23)
  • Murtaza (12)
  • Omar (42)
  • Amine (20 – through 8 holes)

Group B(ack to the future) – Captain Salah (only played 9 holes)

  • Ahmed (55)
  • Shujath (48)
  • Abderrahman (53)
  • Bassim (54)

Group C(oordinated gazelles) – Captain Haroon

  • Raad (70)
  • Mustafa (80)
  • Mohamed AM (71)

We look forward to seeing everyone again next week for Chinese Cooking night in shaa Allah!