Assalamu-alaikum (peace be upon you) avid blog visitor,

Sadly Summer appears to have left us and with it the rays of warm sunshine which light up our surroundings. As we slowly (or in Indiana’s case it was more like a two-hour sudden change in the weather) transition into Fall, t-shirts are being traded in for warm sweaters and light jackets. Not to be deterred by the cooling of the weather, our young men decided to enjoy one last hurrah outdoors on Friday evening.

Sun sets on yet another Summer season…no we don’t have palm trees in West Lafayette, but we can make du’aa for one, right?

As the sun slowly set in the West, our young men walked towards the Intramural Fields for a friendly game of Capture the Flag. Two teams would be pitted against one another in an attempt to capture a sacred object (a tennis ball, our flag for the game) guarded by the opposing team’s top defenders. As captains sent their best play makers across the dreaded half-court marker into the opposing team’s territory, the opposing team’s guards made a quick beeline to tag the play makers out of the game. Not to be be deterred, should a teammate get captured, the team captain would send a rescue mission led by the strongest thinkers of the remaining group to free their captured teammates. As this game of cat-and-mouse went back-and-forth, laughter filled the air and shrieks of glee shattered the calmness of the evening setting.

Capture the tennis ball meet capture the flag…an IYG adaptation.

Speed, agility, break-your-ankle moves, and top-notch hand-eye coordination would be needed to emerge victorious. More important than victory would be our young men getting a good 60 minutes of physical activity in an otherwise sedentary day.

We hope most of our youth are slightly more active than this dude…

Sadly in the midst of all our fun and exercise, we forgot to capture photos to show you our young men in action. Perhaps our young lads visiting the blog can provide a little commentary on the games they took part in and the end result.

Until next time, we bid you adieu!