Assalamu-alaikum (peace be upon you) online visitor,

September has rapidly departed and given way to the chilly month of October. Our young men are searching through their closets for those dreaded sweaters which never seem to fit right (or were cool to wear last year but have you wondering what on earth were you thinking when you convinced your parents to buy you that particular sweater!) in the hopes of staying warm amidst the cool morning walks to school (wait, that was in the 1800s, right?).

The statement above is incredibly true.

As our young men arrived in the warmth of the surroundings of the masjid, they were greeted with a table full of raw arts-and-crafts materials and a smiling Salah Issa. A smiling Salah Issa is almost always a good thing because you know something good awaits you. As the eyes of our young men got larger and larger as they took in the sheer volume of goodies at their disposal, the night’s activity began.

The reality is we live in a generation where seemingly people of all ages enjoy playing games. From virtual games like WoW and CoD which pit players against individuals from far-away places few have heard of to gaming systems like XBox and Super Nintendo (okay that was the coolest gadget in the era our mentor’s were youngins’), much of today’s fun centers around fancy computer graphics, game consoles, and nifty controllers.

Board game? That is so archaic (or is it…)!

Gone are the day of the past where family night would include a fun trivia game or challenging board game – Scrabble, Checkers, Snakes and Ladders, Trivial Pursuit, and Clue just to name a few. Friends would gather around a board in anticipation of who would be able to put their quick wit and trivia knowledge to good use. Since many of our youth are clever gamers, we figured we would put the controller in their hands and ask them to design their very own game – one that youth and adults alike would enjoy playing and one that was educational.

After laying out the framework for designing a game and providing tips on points to consider when making a (halal yet engaging) game, we let the creative juices take over. Though we would like to show you the result of our young men’s hard work, the final unveil of the finished products will take place in a few weeks after some fine-tuning and touch-up work is completed. Rest assured the wait will be well worth it in shaa Allah!

Until then, enjoy a classic cartoon about board games from the famous cat known simply as Garfield.

Even animals run when they hear the two dreaded words “Board game.”