Assalamu-alaikum (peace be upon you) avid blogger readers,

What is a talent?

Friday’s activity began with this simple question posed to our youth. When asked to provide examples of different types of talent, our young men mentioned the usual suspects – soccer star who can kick incredible goals, a comedian who can tell jokes which brings an audience to their knees in laughter, and a n artist capable of drawing a masterpiece on a blank sheet of canvas/paper. A talent then is a trade or a skill set an individual is really good at performing/doing. From a person skilled with performing tricks on a yo-yo or skateboard to a basketball player throwing down wicked dunks to a qari (Qur’an reciter) moving the hearts of the listener by the recitation of the Qur’an, talent has many different flavors. Some talents are natural to pick up while others take a lot of practice to develop. Regardless, for an individual to become a master of his/her craft, it requires patience and hard work.

Tonight we put the microphone and spotlight on our young men and asked them to showcase their talent to an audience of their peers. Oftentimes we recognize talents other people possess which we lack – Lebron James can seemingly dunk a basketball or block a shot from anywhere in the half court, Lionel Messi can score a goal from amazing angles on the soccer field, Mishary Rashid Al Afasy can connect you to the Qur’an when he recites, and Shaun White can perform aerial stunts with his snowboard which leave you shaking your head. What our youth fail to realize is even if they can’t dunk a basketball or sing a nasheed on-tune, they are each blessed with amazing, diverse talents. Whether it be writing a piece of poetry or memorizing 50 words in a minute, each of us is blessed with abilities and talents by Allah, subhanahu wa ta’ala.

After sharing this reminder with our youth, our very own IYG’s Got Talent Show kicked off. Feast your eyes below on the talented youth in the IYG!

Can we please get this show started?

Danyal starts the show off with free form art (SPLATTER PAINT!)…why does he need so much paint?


Behold…it’s a…pizza!

Murtaza plays Old McDonald with a board full of keys. What is he hiding behind that big black folder?


Hamza follows with a gymnastics routine including a roll…

…followed next by a tumble!


Mohamed thought that he could outperform Hamza; watch out for the chairs!

Meet tonight’s game show host – Mustafa!


Everyone appears stumped by Mustafa’s question. I wonder what the question was?

The comics were out in full force tonight! First up, Mujtaba.


Raad grabs the mic and quickly brings the crowd to their knees in laughter.

Abdelrahman concludes our talent show with one final joke to the delight of our audience!