Assalamu-alaikum (peace be upon you) folks,

A few weeks back we left y’all on a bit of a cliff hanger. Our youth spent one Friday night designing and building their very own, handy-dandy game board. Tonight the final versions of the game boards were revealed for all to see! After testing out the neat game boards designed by our youth and enjoying a light meal together, we finished off the evening with a few raka’t of tahajjud before getting some rest before Fajr prayer.

Salah and Fahad remind our young men that having fun is totally allowed within our faith but our fun should stay within a few guidelines. Mustafa appears to be having a lot of fun!

Salah has a question for y’all; who knows the answer?

Abdelrahman and Mujtaba think they know the right answer. By the smile on Salah’s face, we think they do!

Ice cream AND pizza!!! A little snack to re-charge our batteries for the rest of the evening’s activities.

Feel up for a game of Conqueror? These young lads do! Strategy being discussed in-depth by the players.


In case you need directions for how to play the game…

Shujath and Abdelrahman get to know one another over a friendly game of air soccer (kinda like air hockey but without the air). Don’t lose your marbles!

Muhammad and Ahmed trade turns trying to navigate through “The Haunted Classroom!” Punishment for landing on the wrong spot…you must answer a question from school. Dun dun DUUUUUNNNNN!!!! Ruuuuunnnnnn!


Murtaza and Ahmed take a stab at Salah’s creative masterpiece. How do we play this game again? Wake up, Ahmed! It’s not time to sleep yet!!!

Yet another soccer game makes an appearance…we warned you many times – our youth LOVE soccer.


Bassim explains how to play “Mine Trap” to his pals Mustafa and Shujath. We have steadily migrated from the tables to the comfort of the carpeted floor…


In 15 minutes Bassim came up with a new game involving bridges, colored stickers, and…….a PIZZA BOX! Creative genius ma shaa Allah! Mustafa lurks in the background excited to try this new game board out.


Nerd alert – a human biofilm forming in the distance.


Tahajjud time! Mujtaba leads our IYG’ers in two rak’ats of extra prayer in the wee hours of Friday night.


Sleep time! Either that or we have unearthed a mummy living in the halls of the ISGL…