Assalamu-alaikum (peace be upon you) fellow readers,

Tonight the young men of the ISGL Youth Group took part in a favorite American past-time activity…BOWLING! Before we could put on a show for the audience gathered at the PMU bowling alley, we had a quick discussion about the importance of technique. Technique, as our young lads astutely pointed out, is the way you do carry out a specific action (or the way to do something). Using the right technique is important in all aspects in life – from driving a car to throwing a football to praying to bowling. Using the wrong technique or not following proper directions can lead one to undesirable results (such as throwing a gutter ball in bowling). After reviewing one accepted technique for knocking down the pins in our bowling game and praying Isha at the ISGL, we headed over to the PMU for a friendly (yet highly-competitive) hour of non-stop bowling as you can see below:

Meditation session by our elders before the anxious moment when each must face the angry 10 pins. Relax amigos, everything will be “A” okay.

Perfect form! Leave it to our mentor, Fahad, to show our young lads a correct way to bowl.

Sadly Fahad’s proper technique did not lead to the desired results. Meanwhile, in the background, Mustafa pulls on the brakes as he glides towards the alley with his ball.


Tandem tosses – Muhammad and Abdelrahman let the balls fly!

Abdelrahman scoops up a strike to the joy of his cheering friends.


Bassim advises Muhammad on the art of earning a spare. Just throw the ball and let the bumpers be your friend!

Do you like my ball? I like my ball! If you don’t like my ball, we can’t be friends.


Murtaza scores a STRIIIIKKKKKEEEE! Yippee!

STRIKEEEEEEEEE!!! Mujtaba knocks the pins down with the smoothness of butter.


Hamza appears satisfied with his effort.

Omar pulling double duty – reading while bowling. Here’s a young man with many skills.


You know the discussion we had about technique…let’s just say Mohamed chose to use his own technique which involved him falling flat on his belly. It worked to the tune of 3 strikes.

Things got a little weird when the lights were turned off…everything started to glow, including some of our youth!


The winning team for tonight’s challenge with a team total of over 380 points!!! What do you think – should we play again?