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We’re scaaaarrreeeddd (well except for Mustafa)…cheer up fellas, the fun’s about to begin!

After reading the title of this post, your initial thought may be – I thought the IYG was supposed to be playing indoor soccer tonight! What happened? Unfortunately due to multiple scheduling conflicts, indoor soccer had to be put on the shelf for another day. We still wanted our young men to receive their 60 minutes of intense physical activity for the day; thus instead of soccer, we held an XBox Kinect Adventures mini-tourney! Before the tournament began, we took a moment to discuss an important incident which occurred in history many, many, many  (keep going) years ago. During the time of Prophet Musa (Moses), alayhis sallam (peace be upon him), in the land of Egypt, there lived a big ol’ meanie nicknamed Pharaoh (or firawn). Pharaoh enjoyed bringing harm to others (in particular people who were not from his family or ethnicity) and was known for his arrogance. When Prophet Musa, alayhis sallam, paid a visit to the Pharaoh and invited him to accept the core message of Islam (there is no deity worthy of being worshiped except for Allah [God]), Pharoah turned up his nose and told Musa to leave him alone. After realizing Pharaoh was not one to listen to sound advice, Musa, alayhis sallam, was commanded to take his followers and leave Egypt. The big ol’ meanie gathered his giant army and began chasing after Musa, alayhis sallam, and his followers to try to harm them. Eventually Musa, alayhis sallam, and his followers reached the Red Sea and, after a divinely ordained miracle, crossed through the sea. Pharaoh reached the party late and decided they too would be able to cross the Red Sea but ended up drowning as the water surrounded Pharaoh and his army.

To commemorate this day in history, Prophet Muhammad, salla Allahu alayhi wa sallam, encouraged the Muslims to fast on the 10th day in the lunar month of Muharram (known as the Day of Ashura). This was the day when Prophet Musa, alayhis sallam, and his followers were saved from the Pharaoh of Egypt.

After reviewing the amazing story of the journey of Prophet Musa, alayhis sallam, and his followers in being rescued from the evil clutches of the Pharaoh of Egypt, our young men embarked on their own adventure using the XBox Kinect. Below you’ll see our youth twisting, jumping, and contorting their bodies in unique ways in an effort to collect valuable points. Enjoy!

Whoa! Murtaza contorts his body in an unbelievable way to save his water raft!

Danyal appears to be falling off of the screen…quick Danyal make your raft jump!


Ahmed gets ready to jump; meanwhile Omar and Hamza engage in a deep intellectual discussion in the background.

Abdelrahman offers some advice to Raad…Raad appears not to be buying in to the message.


Raad then decides to duck for cover!

Raad, Mohamed, and Mustafa run to our snack station for a quick energy boost.


Let me in! Let me in! Mujtaba and Omar fight for XBox supremacy.

They decided sharing was caring and ended up playing together! Good compromise amigos.


Mustafa may have a new career option…rock star (of river rafting of course)!

Abdelrahman and Mohamed pose for a funny picture during Rallyball.


These two would like to give y’all a virtual high-five. Please be careful not to smash your computer screen!

Murtaza and Danyal share a high-five moment over Rallyball. Great work gentlemen!

Tonight marked the end of our IYG Fall 2012 Program. Truly none of these events would be possible without the Mercy and help of Allah, azza wa jal, the support of our families, and the excitement and participation of our youth. As we sadly migrate to the winter months, chilly weather, and final exams, our mentors will be hard at work trying to put together another memorable program for our youth for Spring 2013. We wish our young men and their families a safe, relaxing winter vacation after the rigorous week of final exams comes to an end!

Wassalamu-alaikum (peace be upon you),

IYG Mentors